Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2021 Written Update: Rishabh notices business issues


Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Rishabh takes Pihu to Preeta’s room. Sonakshi tells him that she will make her lay on the bed. He tells her that she is not well so he will take care of Pihu. Karan and Preeta argues with each other. Rishabh gives Pihu’s stuff to Preeta. Karan tells Luthra’s that Preeta scolded him for beating the Goons without caring about his safety. Mahesh tells him that wife shows their love like this only and he talks about his experience which angers Rakhi. Rakhi leaves from there so he follows him. Preeta blames Karan for Mahesh and Rakhi’s fight.

Mahesh brings Rakhi and makes her sit on a chair. Pihu’s Nanny comes there and introduces herself to Luthra’s. Rakhi asks Girish to show guest room to Nanny. After some time, Preeta tells Karan that he made mistake by telling everyone that, what she said to him because that conversation happened between them so he should not have told about it to others.

He tells her that she is angry because he exposed her. She tells him that he is mad that’s why he is behaving like this. They goes to their room and shocks seeing Pihu playing with toys. Karan tells Pihu that it’s time to get some sleep. Pihu tells him that her toy want to meet Rishabh so she will go. He tells her that he will take her to Rishabh. She tells him that she can go alone and leaves the room.

Sherlyn asks Rishabh to sleep. Rishabh tells her that something is fishy in these documents and that’s why they are losing many deals. She recalls Prithvi’s words and thinks that he must be behind it. Meanwhile Sonakshi sees Pihu and stops her and asks her that where the latter going. Pihu replies that she is going to Rishabh.

Sonakshi knocks Kareena’s door and lies to her that Pihu would have knocked it. Kareena learns that Pihu want to go to Rishabh. She calls Nanny and asks her to follow Pihu. Sonakshi thinks that it will take time but she will make sure that everyone likes her.

On the other hand, Srishti talks to herself asking that why Sarla talking about her marriage suddenly. She calls Sameer and informs him about Sarla’s decision. He gets shocks hearing her. She tells him that she is not understanding that what to do because tomorrow Sudha will bring groom’s pictures and she don’t want to marry someone else. He asks her that does she love anyone. She asks him to not irritate her and disconnects the call seeing Sarla.

Pihu enters Rishabh’s room and tells him something. Sherlyn thinks that Pihu acting like Preeta. She asks Pihu to sleep in their room. Pihu nods at her. Nanny informs Preeta that Pihu will sleep in Rishabh’s room. After some time, Preeta is not able to sleep without Pihu. Pihu also wakes up and tells Sherlyn that she is going to Preeta. She knocks Preeta’s room door and Preeta smiles seeing her and takes her inside. Meanwhile Sarla explains Srishti that it’s important to get married with right person.

Episode ends.

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