Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2022 Written Update: Prithvi decides to hire new Nurse for Mahesh


Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Luthra’s gets excited to celebrate Mahesh’s birthday. Preeta thinks that it’s good to see Prithvi like this and smiles. Prithvi thinks that he will snatch her smile from her. She thinks that she will save her family from him and leaves from there. Luthra’s goes to the basement. Preeta tells Arora’s that she wants Mahesh to stay in his room permanently. She says that Mahesh’s will recover soon if he stayed with family members then.

She asks Srishti to meet Luthra industries senior Lawyer because he knows the Judge who declared that Mahesh is mad and gave the responsibility of Luthra industries to Prithvi. She says that they has to invite Mahesh’s Doctor too. Srishti asks her that why they are inviting Judge and Doctor to Mahesh’s birthday party. Preeta says no one will listen her that if she says that Mahesh is not mad so she has make them declare that Mahesh is normal now. Srishti tells her that it’s not easy to complete this mission.

Preeta tells her that it won’t be easy but not impossible. She says that Prithvi will become mad after losing everything. She tells them that they may won’t get another chance to invite both Judge and Doctor to Luthra house so they should not lose this chance. And also Prithvi will hire another Nurse like Mona. Srishti asks her to not worry saying that she will bring both Judge and Doctor to the party and leaves from there. Beeji tells Preeta that the latter’s intention is good but what if it doesn’t happens the way she wants. Preeta tells her that they has to take this risk to bring Mahesh out of the basement permanently.

On the other hand, Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Preeta knew that Mona was his pawn so she consumed poison and put the blame on Mona to get rid of her. He says that Preeta thinks that she is playing with him but he will flop all of her plans. She tells him that Preeta want to throw them out of the house. He tells her that he will bring another pawn to replace Mona. He calls Doctor and asks him to send a Nurse and disconnects the call. He tells her that he won’t let Preeta bring Mahesh out of the basement permanently. She leaves for basement.

In the basement, Mahesh gets afraid seeing everyone. Kareena asks him to not get afraid. Natasha says that maybe Prithvi is right that Mahesh is not in the condition to come upstairs. Rakhi goes to Mahesh and wishes happy birthday to him. She unlocks the chain. Dadi and Sameer helps Mahesh to get up. They brings Mahesh to the hall. Preeta smiles seeing Mahesh. Karan holds Mahesh’s hand and goes upstairs. Mahesh gets afraid saying that staircase spinning and sits down. Prithvi tells him that he will take him upstairs but the latter refuses. So Prithvi says that he will take him to the basement. Preeta opposes him. He tells her that basement is Mahesh’s comfort zone. She tells him that Mahesh will stay with his family.

Episode ends.

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