Kundali Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Update: Anjali decides to help Karan to get his revenge on Preeta


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Episode begins with Kavya asks for candy floss. Rishabh stops the car and asks Preeta and Kavya to get off. He goes to park the car. Preeta takes Kavya to candy floss shop. Rishabh comes there and pays for candy floss. Preeta goes to bangle shop. Kavya sees ballons and runs towards it. She gets stuck in the traffic and calls Preeta. Karan sees her and saves her when a truck is about to hit her. Preeta and Rishabh comes there. Karan scolds them and says that they don’t deserve to be parents. He asks them that how can they be so careless. He takes Kavya from there. Rishabh and Preeta follows him.

In the hospital, Kavya tells Karan that she is scared of injection. Karan asks her to hold his hand. He talks to her to divert her. She introduces herself to him like the way he introduces himself. She tells him that she is not scared now. He asks her about her father’s name. She takes Rishabh’s name. She tells him that Rishabh will give him bonus for saving her. He asks her that if she thinks that he is working under her father. She tells him that her friends fathers and the people who attends their parties works under her father. She tells Doctor that she won’t get admitted in the hospital because she don’t like hospital smell.

Preeta cries asking that where that guy took Kavya. Rishabh asks her to not get panicked. They reaches the hospital and spots Karan. Preeta asks Karan that where is Kavya. She hears Kavya’s voice and goes to her. She kisses her and asks her that if the latter is fine. Kavya tells her that she is not coward. Preeta asks Karan that how dare he to touch Kavya. Rishabh tells Karan that the latter has to face the consequences for what he did. Karan tells him that the latter also has to face the consequences for what he did. He recalls the dam incident.

Doctor comes there and says that Kavya is fine now because of Karan. Preeta tells Karan that the latter did wrong. Karan tells her that she is 15 minutes late. He advices them to be good parents. Rishabh tells him that he never saw a weird guy like him. He thanks him for saving Kavya. Karan tells him that destiny made them meet and leaves from there.

Kavya asks Preeta to take her home. She asks Rishabh that if he can give bonus to Karan. He tells her that he will give him whatever she wants him to give. They learns that Karan paid the bills. Sameer calls Rishabh and informs him that he organized everything for auction. Srishti asks him that who is she for him. And why he did not inform her that auction going to happen tomorrow which is Karan’s death anniversary. He apologizes to her for not informing her and leaves from there. She screams that she will make him eat spicy food.

Anjali asks Karan that what is he planning to do. She says that he changed from the time he took Preeta’s name. He reveals that his wife and his brother tried to kill him. He says that he will take his revenge at any cost. She tells him that she will help him to get his revenge.

Episode ends.

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