Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Sherlyn tells her plan to Mahira


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Episode begins with Aastha tells Preeta to stay alert and says few family members planning against her and they are Prithvi’s allies. She asks her to not trust everyone. Karan thanks Aastha for helping them. She tells him to go to Prithvi otherwise their plan may spoil. Sristy hears her and runs from there. Preeta asks her about Prithvi’s allies. Hemant takes Aastha from there. Preeta says Aastha is really good person. Mahesh asks Suresh that when he came. Suresh says that’s not matter and he is glad that Mahesh is doing well now. He tells Mahesh to try to walk. Mahesh gets up from bed but falls on the bed so Karan helps him to walk.

Dadi, Kareena and Rakhi gets emotional seeing Mahesh like that. Dadi tells Preeta that she is happy that Mahesh walking again and it’s like his new life. Sherlyn sees everything standing outside the room. Pammi notices Sherlyn. Sameer wonders where Sristy went. Sristy comes there and gets happy seeing Mahesh. Pammi tells Suresh to notice Sherlyn and says everyone is happy with Mahesh’s recovery except Sherlyn. Sherlyn thinks everyone will understand her fear seeing her face so she should stay away from others. She wonders why Mahesh didn’t tell the truth to anyone yet and leaves from there.

Doctor asks Luthra’s to not remind the past to Mahesh and if he want to do something then let him do that and leaves from there. Mahesh asks Karan to arrange Bhang drink for him. He asks Rakhi to prepare sweet dish for him and says he is going to celebrate holi with his family. He thinks now he doesn’t want to spoil the atmosphere so after celebrating holi he will tell the truth to everyone.

Sherlyn tells Mahira that she should not have left Prithvi alone. Mahira says Sherlyn made mistake and says situation is not good already. Sherlyn argues with her saying Mahira never helps her. Mahira says Sherlyn forgetting that who helped them in Shubham matter. Sherlyn thanks her sarcastically and says she also helped her so many times and says now Mahira staying in Luthra house because of her only. They shocks seeing the guest room locked from outside. Mahira says it must be Sristy’s work because she saw keys in her hand.

Mahira says now Prithvi is unconscious so they should concentrate on Mahesh now because if he reveal the truth then everything is over. Sherlyn says they has to kill Mahesh. Mahira says Sherlyn’s plan is really good and says they can’t waste time so they should execute the plan as soon as possible. Sristy tells Preeta that she locked Prithvi in guest room. Preeta gives sweet dish to Rakhi and asks her to give it to Mahesh. She tells Rakhi to celebrate holi with him without worry about anything else.

Sherlyn and Mahira applies colour on themselves and says now no one can identify them. They hides in Mahesh’s room seeing Karan. Karan takes Mahesh out of the room. Sherlyn gives the injection to Mahira saying she is going to Prithvi so Mahira has to handle Mahesh.

Episode ends.