Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2021 Written Update: Rishabh discuss with Karan about their business issue


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The episode begins with Kareena goes to Dadi’s room and tells her that Sonakshi and Preeta are completely different personalities. She says to her that even though she did so much for Preeta still Preeta disrespect her. She tells her that if Karan married Sonakshi then their life would have been different because Sonakshi is like them. She tells her that earlier she didn’t like Preeta but now it’s really hard to tolerate her in Luthra house.

Next day, Rishabh collides with Prithvi. They taunts each other. Rishabh reminds him that the latter is guest so he should stay as guest. Prithvi tells him that he is son in law of Luthra’s not a guest. He stops Sameer from talking and warns him to not interfere. Rishabh tells him that the latter’s business is in Dubai then what is he doing here. He asks him to do work and earn respect.

Prithvi tells him that he loves Kritika so much and he stays in this house for her happiness. Rishabh asks him to enjoy this time because in the future anything can happen and leaves from there. Sameer follows him. Prithvi tells himself that he can control Rishabh’s life if he wants then.

Rishabh asks Sameer to focus more in their business because few weird things happening. He is about to feed Pihu but Karan takes that bite. Mahesh comes there and tells them that now it looks like his house. Karan asks him about Kareena. He tells her that Kareena went to airport to drop Sonakshi because Sonakshi leaving to attend her friend’s wedding.

Rishabh forcefully takes Karan to the office. Preeta tells them to drop her and Pihu in school. Kritika tells Prithvi that it’s really strange that Kareena went to airport to drop Sonakshi and everyone is calm with this news. She tells him that she made something special for him and goes to the kitchen. Sherlyn serves Prithvi and they feeds each other. Kritika returns and feeds Prithvi. Meanwhile Srishti thanks Sameer for coming to pick her up. On the other hand, Karan teases Preeta and asks her to study well in school. Rishabh tells Pihu that the latter’s mother is Doctor.

Sameer asks Srishti that what she want to say. She tells him that she was thinking about Rishabh and he is good human being. He gets jealous and reminds her that Rishabh is married guy. She tells him that she knows that and praises Rishabh. He asks her to stay silent and picks Karan’s call. She starts screaming and complains about Sameer to Karan. Karan asks Sameer that why the latter troubling Srishti. Sameer asks him to not take Srishti’s side. He tells Srishti that if she repeat this behavior then he won’t give lift to her.

Rishabh asks Karan to compare last 2 years revenue. He tells him that someone betraying them that’s why they are losing so many projects and they need to find that person. Prithvi overhears their conversation and thinks that he need to execute his next step as soon as possible.

Episode ends.