Kundali Bhagya 30th June 2022 Written Update: Karan decides to hide his identity from Luthras


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Episode begins with Rakhi asks Dadi that why the latter crying. Dadi tells her that tomorrow is Karan’s 5th death anniversary and Preeta and Rishabh fulfilling Karan’s dream by opening free cricket academy for poor kids. She says that they are going to auction Karan’s cricket properties. She adds that Karan will be happy seeing this.

In the chawl, Prithvi plays cards with few guys. One of the guy says that he is going to buy a car today. Prithvi laughs hearing him. That guy shows money to him saying that he will buy a car for sure. Prithvi sees the newspaper and learns that Karan’s cricket properties are set be auctioned on his 5th death anniversary and that money will be used for an academy. He thinks that it would have been good if he can buy Karan’s bat and burnt it in front of Luthras then. He steals that guy’s money and makes an excuse saying that he is not well and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Preeta asks Kavya to come out and sleep. Kavya tells her that she is not sleepy. Preeta finds her behind the curtains and she puts her on the bed. She lays down on the bed beside Kavya. Kavya asks her to tell a story. Preeta says her and Karan’s story to Kavya. Kavya tells her that this story is interesting and she loved it. She hears Kareena’s voice and she asks Preeta to tell Kareena that she slept already or else Kareena will scold her. She sleeps holding Preeta’s hand.

Rakhi asks Mahesh to help her in counting money. He asks her that from where she got this much money. She tells him that it’s her money. She says that she sold the jewels which her parents gave her. He asks her that why she sold the jewels. She reminds him that tomorrow Karan’s cricket properties are set be auctioned and she want to buy them so she can keep Karan’s things with her always that’s why she sold her jewels and cries. He consoles her.

On the other hand, Snigtha asks Anjali that why Karan is not talking to her. Anjali reminds her that Karan is Nidhi’s fiancee. Karan takes blessings of Snigtha’s grandmother. Grandmother asks Karan and Anjali to stay in their house. Anjali agrees to stay which angers Karan.

Rishabh asks his staff to find out about the guy who followed Preeta in the school. He adds that he wants CCTV footage of the school. Staff nods at him and leaves from there. Sameer asks Rishabh that what happened. Rishabh tells him everything. He says that Preeta and Kavya are his responsibility. He adds that if Karan was alive then he would have take care of them better than himself and cries. Sameer hugs him.

Anjali tells Karan that Preeta and Rishabh should not know about his identity. She asks him to deceive them like how they deceived him. He agrees to stay in that house. He wonders that how he is going to enter into Luthra’s life. She informs him about auction.

Episode ends.

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