Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2022 Written Update: Sherlyn gets an idea to prove Prithvi wrong


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Episode begins with Sameer gets shocked seeing Karan on his bed. Karan informs him that he apologized to Preeta and even asked Preeta to accept him with his flaws. Sameer asks him that don’t he care that Preeta is owner of Luthra mansion. Karan tells him that Preeta handling everything well and Rakhi is happy too. Sameer hugs him and they falls asleep. On the other hand, Arora’s makes gujiyas and packs it. Srishti says that she is going to call Preeta. Beeji and Janki says that Srishti never let them talk to Preeta. Srishti doesn’t agree with them and calls Preeta.

Preeta guess that Srishti called her to say that she is going to bring gujiya tomorrow. Srishti learns that Beeji and Janki talked to Preeta already. She goes aside and tells Preeta that the latter sounds happy. Preeta explains her that how Karan asked her to accept him. Srishti teases her. Preeta tells her that tomorrow they will enjoy so much and disconnects the call. Srishti thinks that this time Prithvi won’t be there in Luthra mansion to create problems.

In the police station, Prithvi recalls Sherlyn and Nagre’s words. He regrets for fighting with them. He wonders that how he is going to be released now. He calls Constable and pleads him to give mobile so he can call someone. Constable tells him that he will get permission from Police inspector. He unlocks the cell.

Sherlyn screams seeing Natasha with face mask. Natasha tells her that she wants coconut oil and she don’t like holi. Sherlyn recalls Prithvi’s words and gets an idea to prove him wrong. She tells herself that she will show Preeta that she made mistake by going against her. Meanwhile, Prithvi calls Nagre and apologize to him and pleads to visit him tomorrow and disconnects the call.

Next day, Karan praises about coach to Sameer. He finds Mahesh making drink. Everyone wishes happy holi to him. He also wishes happy holi to them. Arora’s comes there. Beeji tells them that she brought homemade gujiya for them. Mahesh asks that who applied colour on him. Srishti shows gujiya to him to divert him. Mahesh takes gujiya box. He competes with Karan and Sameer for drinking competition. He asks them that why they are not playing with water.

Preeta tells him that everything has been arranged outside. Mahesh goes outside. Rakhi follows him. Kareena asks Karan to get ready. Karan meets Aroras and goes to get ready. Srishti and Sameer stares each other. Srishti goes inside and Sameer follows her. Janki asks Beeji to celebrate Prithvi’s arrest with cheers. Beeji mixes alcohol in drink and drinks it.

In the police station, Nagre visits Prithvi. Pradeep tells Nagre that the latter is really shameless. Nagre reveals that Prithvi hired him again. Prithvi tells him that he made mistake yesterday. He apologize to him. Nagre tells him that he can understand him. Prithvi tells him that Preeta may snatch everything from him. Nagre agrees with him.

Episode ends.

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