Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Prithvi holds Kritika as hostage 


Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mahesh takes Rakhi, Kareena and Dadi inside. Rakhi says that she has to go out to save her children. Mahesh stops her. They starts arguing. Rakhi pushes Mahesh and leaves the room. Mahesh follows her. Prithvi tells his gang to find Luthras. Anjali and Preeta hides in one of the room. Goons tries to break the door. Rakhi tells Mahesh that she won’t listen him because her children need her help. She reaches the hall and realises that children had escaped. Mahesh tells her that they should hide too and takes her from there. They spots Arjun, Rishabh and Srishti. Everyone hides in the room after hearing Sambhu bhai’s voice. 

Meanwhile, goons breaks the door of Preeta’s room and their target is Preeta only. Preeta signals Anjali to take the knife but the latter remains silent. She pushes goons and escapes from there with Anjali. She asks Anjali that why the latter did not help her. On the other hand, Kritika falls down while running. Prithvi points a gun at her. She pleads him to not kill her. He takes her as hostage. Rishabh, Arjun and Srishti praises Rakhi’s braveness when Mahesh complaint about it. Arjun and Rishabh leaves the room to find others. 

Anjali tells Preeta that she don’t like her and she wanted her to get hurt. She says that she is against this marriage too. Arjun comes there and he scolds Anjali. He asks her to not come in between him and Preeta. She asks him that how can he talk to her like that. Preeta asks them to not fight. Anjali asks her to not come in between them and she leaves from there angrily.

Arjun follows her and stops her. She asks him that if he want to insult her more in front of Preeta. He asks her that what if anything happened to Preeta. He says that he love Preeta and he can’t see her getting hurt. She tells him that he forgot what all she did for him. She confesses that she love him. He tells her that he also love her as friend. He says that Anjali is important for him and he can’t measure the love he have for Preeta. She leaves from there angrily. Srishti overhears their conversation. She thinks that she did not get anything against Arjun instead got to know about Arjun’s deep love. 

Prithvi takes Kritika to hall. Preeta searches phone to call the police. Rishabh comes there. She tells him that she thought he is angry at her. He tells her that he want her happiness that’s it. Goons comes there. Arjun beat goons up. Rishabh is about to fall while running but Arjun holds Rishabh. Rishabh recalls that how Karan saved him. He thanks Arjun. Goon tries to attack Preeta from behind. But Arjun notices goon and beat him up mercilessly. Preeta recalls that how Karan used to beat goons who tried to harm her. She calls Arjun as Karan. 

Episode ends. 

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