Kundali Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Natasha and Roxy attempts to kill Karan and Preeta


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Episode begins with Natasha and Roxy sneak into Karan’s room. Meanwhile, Karan hugs Preeta in the balcony. He places a kiss on her cheek. She gets shy and goes inside. He follows her. Natasha and Roxy hides from Karan and Preeta. Preeta enters the bathroom with another dress. Karan goes to balcony. Natasha and Roxy pours kerosene in the room. Natasha throws candle on it. They leaves from there. They set fire off the hotel too.

Rishabh, Sameer and Srishti reaches the hotel. Srishti asks Receptionist about Karan and Preeta’s room number. Receptionist informs the room number after confirming that they are Karan’s family.

Karan notices fire in the room. He wonders that how it happened. Neha smells burning. She wake Aakash up. She thinks that there is problem in heater. She notices fire and gets panicked. Preeta comes out of the bathroom and gets shocked seeing fire. Karan asks Preeta to not come out. Natasha tells Roxy that everything will be destroyed soon. Roxy tells her that they wanted that only.

Rishabh, Sameer and Srishti gets shocked seeing fire. They tries to go inside. Manager stops them and tells them that he informed fire brigade already. He warns them to not go inside. He requests them to go out. Karan saves Preeta and leaves the room. They notices Neha and Aakash stuck in their room. They helps Neha and Aakash to escape from the room.

Roxy tells Natasha that they should celebrate. Preeta and Karan comes there and gets shocked seeing Natasha and Roxy. Neha asks Natasha to take them in their car. Roxy points a gun at Karan. Karan says that it looks like Natasha and Roxy are behind this fire incident. Natasha accepts that they are behind this. She says that they are behind dam incident too. She tells Karan that he don’t deserve to live after rejecting her. Preeta yells at Natasha for trying to kill Karan. She tells her that God saved Karan. And today too God will save them. Natasha asks Preeta to look at Roxy. She claims that Karan is going to die today. Roxy tells Karan that he will die if he don’t kill him then so he don’t have any other choice.

Neha asks Natasha and Roxy that if they are mad. Aakash asks Neha to stay silent. Natasha mocks Neha. Preeta slaps Natasha continuesly. Karan attacks Roxy. Neha tells Aakash to help them. Aakash makes an excuse. Rishabh, Sameer and Srishti comes there. Police also comes there and arrests Natasha and Roxy. Media reporters reports about Natasha and Roxy’s arrest and their actions. Manager says that fire brigade has been arrived so everything will be fine soon. Srishti hugs Preeta.

Episode ends.

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