Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2021 Written Update: Ruchika agrees to give a statement in Preeta’s favor


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Episode begins with Srishti reveals that she read Blackmailer’s message from Prithvi mobile. Karan says to Prithvi that Blackmailer blackmailing him because he is Akshay’s murderer. Prithvi accepts that he went to meet the Blackmailer but he didn’t murder Akshay. He reveals that Blackmailer knows that he went to meet Akshay in the hotel room and using that Blackmailer blackmailing him. He says to them that he knows that Blackmailer is Akshay’s murderer that’s why he went to see his face. Karan asks him that why he went to meet Akshay.

Prithvi says to him that he knows that Akshay blackmailing Kritika so he went to the hotel to beat him and Kritika doesn’t know that he knows about Akshay’s blackmail and he just went there to teach lesson to Akshay. Srishti says to Karan that they are not sure that Prithvi telling the truth or not. Prithvi thinks he is telling half truth and hiding the remaining truth. He says to them that he would have catch the Blackmailer but because of Srishti and Sameer he could not able to do that.

Srishti and Sameer leaves the room. Prithvi says to Karan that he knows that Preeta is innocent and he will try his best to prove her innocence. Karan says to him that if he is telling the truth then it’s fine but if he get to know that Prithvi is behind Preeta’s suffering then he won’t hesitate to kill him and leaves from there.

Srishti recalls Factory guard’s words and also how she saw black hoodie in Ruchika’s house. She takes the bracelet from her pocket and remembers that she saw the same bracelet in Ruchika’s hand too and she informs about it to Karan and Sameer. She says to them that she is sure that Ruchika blackmailing Prithvi. Karan says to her that Ruchika is Akshay’s murderer or else she knows about Akshay’s murderer. They goes to Ruchika’s house.

Ruchika asks them that what they wants now. Srishti asks Ruchika about her bracelet and shows the bracelet to her and informs her that she found the bracelet in the factory. Karan says to Ruchika that Preeta is in jail because of her. Srishti says to her that Ruchika murdered Akshay for betraying her. Ruchika says to them that why she will kill Akshay when she loved him and they even has child. She reveals that Akshay wanted to marry Kritika for money and says to them that Megha got to know that Akshay blackmailing Kritika and it’s Megha who murdered Akshay.

Mahira scolds Prithvi saying that because of his carelessness everyone going to end up in trouble. Prithvi informs Sherlyn that he is going to meet the Blackmailer tomorrow. Sarla informs Rakhi that Karan came to meet her and Karan standing by Preeta’s side in this difficult time. Rakhi says to her that Kareena also understood Preeta now and Kareena even met Preeta and apologized to her.

Karan asks Ruchika to give statement in Preeta’s favor. She says to him that she can’t give statement against Megha because Megha is dangerous person. Karan assures her saying that he won’t let anyone harm her and her child. Srishti and Sameer pleads her to help them. Ruchika agrees to help them.

Episode ends.

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