Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2022 Written Update: Preeta spots Sandesh with Prithvi


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Episode begins with Preeta recalls Karan’s words and walks aimlessly on the road. Meanwhile, Karan breaks the things in anger. Next day, Kareena asks Girish to serve food. She tells Rakhi that she gave fruits to Mahesh so the latter can join them for breakfast. Preeta comes there. Dadi says that she is not hungry. Kareena asks Girish get breakfast to her room. Kritika tells her that she will join her. Kareena takes Rakhi from there. Girish asks Preeta that what the latter wants. She tells him that she don’t want anything. Maddy calls Preeta and asks her to reach the location which he send her because Sandesh is there.

Sports club Security guard notices Sandesh and identifies him. Prithvi goes to sports club to meet Sandesh. Maddy also reaches the sports club. He sees Maddy with Prithvi but he could not see his face because of his hoodie. Sandesh tells Prithvi that seems like someone collecting proof against them. Prithvi asks him that how is that possible.

Preeta also reaches the sports club. Security guard tells Preeta that he saw Karan’s fan. She recalls Maddy’s words about Sandesh. She thanks him and goes inside. Prithvi tells Sandesh that he will send money in his account and asks him to leave the city and not contact him again.

Maddy shows Preeta to Sandesh and Prithvi. He tells her that he have an important work and leaves from there. Prithvi leaves from there. Preeta tells Sandesh that she knows that who is he and what he did but she want to know that who told him to do all this. He tells her that he don’t know that who is she. She tells him that he should know very well about her if he is Karan’s fan then. Sameer sees Preeta with Sandesh.

Sandesh tells Preeta that he knows that she is Karan’s wife. He adds that he is also hurt like other fans. She tells him that there is a picture of him giving money to Karan. He tells her that he don’t know anything about money and leaves from there. She wonders that who is that hoodie guy. She picks Srishti’s call and informs her that she is in the sports club.

Sandesh praises Prithvi for hiding from Preeta. Prithvi leaves from there seeing Preeta there. Preeta gives empty paper to Sandesh and asks him to give it to hoodie guy. Sandesh throws that paper. Prithvi attempts to take that paper and Preeta chases him but he escapes from there in an auto. Sameer follows Preeta. Srishti stops Sameer and asks him that if she says that Preeta trying to save Karan then will he believe her. Meanwhile, Karan asks Malkani about his investigation.

Sandesh joins Prithvi. Prithvi tells him that everyone saw his face then why he didn’t leave the country. He adds that everyone want to reach him. Sandesh tells him that Preeta is really smart to reach him. Prithvi scolds him. Preeta thinks that today she will see hoodie guy’s face for sure.

Karan tells Malkani that he suspects Preeta. On the other hand, Srishti and Sameer argues with each other. Sameer leaves from there. Prithvi gets out of an auto and Preeta sees him and realises that Prithvi is behind Karan’s arrest.

Episode ends.

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