Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2022 Written Update: Rishabh talks to Arjun about king’s heritage deal


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Episode begins with Prithvi tells Arjun that he never misbehaved with girls because he love Preeta only. Arjun beat him up. He warns him to not take Preeta’s name. Prithvi tells him that he will take it. He warns him to not beat him up again. He asks him that who is Preeta for him. Arjun asks him that what the latter will do knowing that. Prithvi asks him that why the latter protecting Rishabh when Rishabh is his enemy. Arjun tells him to not enter Preeta’s room again. Prithvi tells him that he don’t want to drag the matter. He asks him to give money. He tells him that he won’t stay silent if the latter don’t give him money then. He says that he can ruin Arjun’s life. He asks him to apologize to him and give money to finish the matter.

Arjun tells him that he is not scared of his threat. He asks him to do whatever the latter wants to do. Prithvi is about to leave the room. But Anjali makes him unconscious by hitting him on the head. Arjun asks her that what’s the need of all this. Anjali tells him that she was just helping him. They ties Prithvi’s mouth and puts him in the car dicky without anyone’s knowledge. Arjun asks Anjali that why she is behaving aggressive nowadays. Anjali tells him that Prithvi would have exposed him. He tells her that he would have handled Prithvi. He says that Prithvi can’t do anything.

Raja and Vishnu waits for Prithvi. Vishnu tells Raja that Prithvi is smart. Raja tells him Rishabh is smart. Vishnu tells him that Prithvi will take revenge this time for sure. Raja says that Arjun is really dangerous. Sameer comes there. He asks them that what are they talking about Arjun.

Anjali and Arjun talks about Rishabh. Rishabh tells Mahesh that he is going to buy king’s heritage. Arjun recalls that how he lost that deal. He thinks that this deal only brought him to India. Rishabh tells him that everyone wanted to buy this property. He asks him that won’t the latter congratulate him. Arjun tells him that he won’t congratulate him until the latter finalize the deal. Rishabh tells him that king was not well that’s why it got delayed. He says that now king want to meet him. Rakhi takes Arjun with her.

Raja tells Sameer that he saw Arjun scolding his staff in his office. Sameer says that staff would have done something wrong. He asks them to do their work. Sherlyn wonders that why Prithvi did not call her yet. She calls Raja and asks him that what’s happening there. Raja tells her that Prithvi went to give one last warning to Arjun but now Prithvi is missing.

Rakhi tells Arjun that she promised to feed her handmade food to him. Arjun gets surprised seeing lot of food. He asks her that how she knows he is hungry. She tells him that mother knows everything. She feeds him. She gets emotional seeing him enjoying the food. He feeds her. He also gets emotional.

Episode ends.

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