Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Update: Sherlyn and Prithvi accuses each other


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Episode begins with Rishabh tells Preeta that Karan must have been happy seeing her smile. Preeta tells him that Karan would have complained about banners size and quantity. He goes to check the arrangements. She thinks that she is biggest fan of Karan. Prithvi tells himself that he entered the five star hotel after so many years.

Sherlyn calls Prithvi and asks him about rice. He scolds her for disturbing him for rice. He tells her that he is going to buy Karan’s bat. He says that she ruined his life. She tells him that everything happening because of him. He disconnects the call and says that Sherlyn ruined his mood.

He sees Karan’s banners and says that he enjoyed fighting against Karan so it would have been good if Karan was alive then. He collides with Karan. He asks him that if the latter think of himself as Karan Luthra just because he can participate in this auction.

Karan tells Prithvi that the latter did not change at all. He taunts him and comments about his look. Prithvi recalls that how Karan also used to taunt him like this. Karan moves from there. Prithvi says that he should change his look or else everyone will underestimate him. He steals someone else’s jacket and cap.

Preeta feels Karan’s presence. Karan sees her. She turns around and she sees Karan. She recalls that how he accused her in Kavya’s matter. Rishabh greets Karan. He calls Preeta. Karan introduces himself as Arjun to Preeta. He says that he did not thought they are related to Karan because Karan is such a nice man not like them. He tells them that he loved Karan Luthra. Rishabh tells him that Karan is his younger brother. Karan forwards his hand towards  Preeta to shake hands with Preeta. She recalls the moments she shared with Karan and she stares him. She comes to reality when Rishabh called her. She greets Karan by folding hands.

She asks him that what is he doing there. He tells her that many would not have liked his presence but his destiny brought him there. She leaves from there. Rishabh calls Sameer and tells him that Karan saved Kavya’s life. Sameer hugs Karan and thanks him. Prithvi sees Rishabh, Preeta and Sameer. Everyone takes their seat.

Rishabh reveals about Karan’s dream. He says that they will donate the money to cricket academy to fulfill those poor kids dream. Preeta gets emotional hearing him. Everyone claps except Karan. Karan recalls that how Rishabh asked him to sign on the power of attorney papers to take over the business. He thinks that Rishabh acting now. The auction begins. Karan bids for 1 lakh. Prithvi asks him that if the latter is mad. Karan bids for 3 crore which shocks everyone.

Prithvi tells him that he wanted this bat badly. He reveals that he planned to burn this bat in front of Luthras. Karan reveals Prithvi’s plan to everyone. Prithvi  hides his face. Rishabh calls the Security guards. So Security guards takes Prithvi from there. Karan wins the auction. Preeta and Rishabh gives Karan’s cricket properties to Karan. Preeta gets emotional.

Episode ends.

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