Kundali Bhagya 4th May 2021 Written Update: Srishti brings Megha to the court


Kundali Bhagya 4th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rakhi informs Sarla that Kareena accepted Preeta wholeheartedly because she realised that Preeta is not responsible for anything that’s why she even apologized to Preeta. Sarla gets emotional and cries in happiness and says to her that she is happy that Kareena accepted Preeta because since beginning Kareena didn’t like Preeta. She says to her that now she just wants Preeta’s release so her daughter can live happily with her family and disconnects the call. Janki hears everything and says to Sarla that she don’t believe that Kareena accepted Preeta wholeheartedly. Sarla asks her to think positively. Janki says to her that Kareena won’t change and leaves from there.

Karan meets Preeta and tells her that Megha is Akshay’s murderer. He informs her that Srishti and Sameer witnessed Ruchika and Megha’s fight and Ruchika revealed the truth and she is ready to give statement in her favor. Preeta gets happy hearing him. He tells her to get ready to return to his room. She thanks him for fulfilling his promise. He says to her that he will handle everything and it’s last night for her in the Police station and kisses her forehead then leaves from there ( Sajdaa song plays in the background ).

Srishti pleads Police constable to let her meet Preeta. He says to her that just now Karan went to meet Preeta and visiting time is over already so he can’t let her meet Preeta. Karan says to Srishti that he will bring Megha to the court tomorrow and asks her to bring Ruchika to the court. Srishti says to him that she will bring Megha to the court because his anger may spoil the things. He agrees with her.

Next day, Karan meets Lawyer Siddharth and informs him that Akshay’s girlfriend Megha is his murderer. Siddharth asks him to bring Megha to the court and asks if Megha is murderer then why they found Ruchika’s bracelet in the factory if she is Blackmailer then they can’t trust her words about Megha. He says to him that he thinks Ruchika is Akshay’s murderer.

Megha packs her clothes to leave the house. Srishti and Sameer comes there. Srishti questions her. Megha says to her that she is just shifting not leaving the city and asks what are they doing in her house. Srishti informs her that first Akshay blackmailed them then Ruchika and Megha also related to them and asks her to tell the truth without hiding anything and Karan will give money to her. Megha says to her that she knows the truth and for money gets ready to tell the truth.

Dadi informs Kareena and Rakhi that Mahesh forgot that Preeta is Karan’s wife and he just remembers the past. Mahesh asks them to join for breakfast. They moves towards the dining table.

Karan and Ruchika waits for Srishti and Megha in the court. Srishti and Megha reaches there. Srishti says to Ruchika and Megha that they will get their money after court hearing. Police brings Preeta there. Karan goes to meet Preeta. Srishti takes Ruchika and Megha inside the court. Karan hugs Preeta.

Episode ends.

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