Kundali Bhagya 4th September 2021 Written Update: Preeta prays for a child


Kundali Bhagya 4th September 2021 Written Update on SerialGossipin

The episode begins with Sherlyn calls Prithvi and apologizes to him for hurting his ego few minutes back. She asks him that where is he now and learns that he is in Kritika’s room. He lies to her he is not in Kritika’s room. She tells him that she is standing outside Kritika’s room and she is going to video call him. She video calls him. Rakhi comes there and tells Sherlyn that Preeta preparing to celebrate Janmashtami and asks her to help Preeta and leaves from there. Prithvi thanks God for saving him today.

Rakhi gives Lord Krishna’s idol to Preeta. Sherlyn takes it from her saying that she will decorate it. Rakhi asks Preeta to decorate the swing. Preeta nods at her and recalls that how she and Karan argued about their baby’s swing. Karan comes there and asks her that what is she thinking about. She talks about a child. He asks her to give some time and why she is always thinking about a child and leaves from there. She thinks that she is irritating Karan by keep talking about a child. He notices her and thinks that he should stay strong to handle her and he can’t show that he is also in pain. She prays to God for a child.

Meanwhile one child enters the Luthra mansion who is in Krishna’s getup. She notices the child and follows the child. Karan also hears anklet noise and follows the child. Preeta asks the child’s name. Child replies that her name is Pihu. Preeta asks Pihu that who came with her and how the latter came to their house. She asks them to find her first then she will tell them and runs from there and hides behind the curtains.

They searches her and finds her but acts like they lost it. Pihu comes out and tells them that she won. Pihu places a kiss on Preeta’s cheek and hugs her. Rakhi searches Pihu and comes there. She asks them to bring Pihu downstairs. Pihu tells Preeta that she is hungry. Preeta takes Pihu to the kitchen after informing to the ladies who are sitting in the hall with Luthra’s. Karan follows her. Sameer asks Dadi that who is Pihu.

Pihu tells Preeta that she wants ‘roti’ to eat. Preeta starts preparing food for Pihu. Pihu imitates Karan. Preeta notices that and smiles. She feeds food to Pihu. Pihu feeds Preeta and Karan. Preeta and Karan gets emotional. Juhi notices tears in Preeta’s eyes and asks her about it. Preeta tells her that she is just happy seeing her.

Dadi tells Sameer that everything going on according to their wish. Preeta and Karan brings Pihu. Preeta asks Pihu to go to her mother. Pihu tells her that she don’t have a mother and runs inside. Dadi asks Karan and Preeta that did they liked Pihu. Preeta tells her that Pihu’s parents are lucky. Dadi tells her that Pihu is the latter’s child. Kareena tells Preeta that those ladies works in the NGO. NGO lady tells Preeta that just few formalities left for adoption. Everyone smiles except Sherlyn.

Episode ends.