Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2021 Written Update : Sarla tells Srishti to take care of Preeta


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Episode begins with Sherlyn enters the kitchen and switch on the gas and talks to herself saying that when Preeta will enter the kitchen blast will happen and Preeta won’t die but she will be injured for sure and Luthra’s will call the Doctor to treat her and the Doctor will reveal that Preeta is not pregnant and then Luthra’s will lashes out at Preeta for hiding the truth. On the other hand, Srishti tells Sameer about Shrikant and Achila’s conversation. Sonakshi moves towards the kitchen to meet Preeta. Sherlyn stops her saying that no one is there in the kitchen.

Achila goes to bring the Mehndi girl. Srishti asks Dadi about Sonakshi. Kareena asks her to not roam like this here because it’s not Luthra house and tells her to just enjoy the function and warns her to not do anything which can embarrass them. Achila comes there and asks Kareena to not scold Srishti and praises Srishti’s personality.

Srishti thanks her. Achila tells her that yesterday Rajat called her for help because it’s an arranged marriage so Rajat wanted to know more about Sonakshi and Karan gave her number to Rajat and leaves from there. Kareena asks Srishti to not take Achila’s words seriously and tells her to not create any drama because she won’t tolerate it.

Sameer tells Srishti that she is overthinking in Achila’s matter. She asks him to not talk to her and tells him to go to Ananya. Preeta enters the kitchen and Sherlyn waits for the blast. Sonakshi calls Preeta and tells her that she is not understanding that what she should wear for Mehndi. Preeta asks her to come to the kitchen. Preeta shocks seeing the blast and Sonakshi comes there and takes Preeta out of the kitchen and tells her that it seems like someone deliberately tried to harm her.

Sherlyn curses Sonakshi for flopping her plan and someone makes her unconscious and drags her from there. Rajat notices that and informs about it to Kareena and Karan. Srishti thinks that something is fishy definitely and sees Shrikant and decides to find out the truth from him and tries to talk to him but he ignores her. Sarla calls Janki and Srishti snatches the mobile from Janki and disconnects the call and tells Janki that she is sure that Sarla calling to scold her. Janki tells her that they can’t avoid Sarla’s call forever.

So Srishti video calls Sarla and asks her to scold Janki only because she is still an immature girl. Sarla asks Srishti to stay with Preeta always and take care of her. After some time, Luthra’s, Arora’s and Rajat searches Sherlyn. Meanwhile Prithvi splashes water on Sherlyn’s face and she regains her consciousness and shocks seeing him in front of her.

Sonakshi applies ointment on Preeta’s wound and scolds her for worrying about others. Preeta tells her that the latter behaving like Srishti and the latter will change too after her marriage. Sonakshi asks her that who wants to harm her.

Episode ends.