Kundali Bhagya 5th January 2022 Written Update: Karan asks for a second chance from Preeta


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Episode begins with Karan recalls Luthra ladies words about Preeta and asks Preeta to behave. She tells him that she also wanted to say same. He says that still she is copy cat and didn’t change at all. She tells him that she didn’t return as his wife. He tells her that he knows that she became owner of the house but he won’t accept it. She tells him that she is the boss. He says that she is looking good that’s not mean that she can say anything. He tells her that whatever he said yesterday were truth but he thought it was his dream. They shares an eye lock.

He asks her to not look at him like that. She tells him that she understood that he came to fight with her but his heart is not letting him do that so he should decide that he want to romance with her or fight with her. He tells her that she is right and he leaves from there. He tells himself that he is not angry anymore after seeing Preeta but she is different now. Preeta tells herself that she return for some other purpose so she should control her emotions but her heart acting weird just by seeing Karan. She says that no one should know about her purpose of return especially Karan.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn tells Kareena that it doesn’t looks like Karan and Preeta are fighting. Natasha comes there and tells Kareena that Dadi called her. Kareena leaves from there. Natasha asks Sherlyn to be careful because what if Kareena or others see her with Prithvi. She says that now Kareena is not reacting because Preeta is Kareena’s enemy but it can change in the future. Sherlyn tells her that Kareena hates Preeta so much but we can’t expect anything from Karan. Natasha asks her that how she is going to impress Karan. Sherlyn tells her that she will do something and Prithvi won’t leave Preeta.

Karan goes to Preeta and thinks that he feels something just by looking at her eyes. He asks her that why she didn’t call him. She says that she called but he didn’t pick the call. He tells her that she should have returned to him. She tells him that she was afraid of his anger. He apologizes to her. She says that she don’t want his forgiveness but his support for forever. She forwards her hand and he holds it and he asks for a second chance. She nods at him and it turns out to be his imagination. She asks him to get some rest because from tomorrow they has to work a lot. He nods at her and leaves from there. She thinks that she becomes weak around Karan so she should stay away from him as much as possible. She decides to find out Mahesh’s medical file.

Sameer tells Karan that the latter’s face says that he didn’t fight with Preeta. Karan tells him that he went to fight with Preeta but after seeing her face he could not do it. He says that he even apologized to her in his imagination. Dadi, Kritika and Preeta discuss that what must be happening between Karan and Preeta. Dadi asks Karan that what happened. He says that he scolded Preeta. Natasha asks him to scold Preeta in front of them.

Prithvi gives new medicines to Mona. She tells him that these are heavy dose medicines and leaves the room. Sherlyn asks him that why he changed the medicines. He tells her that he want Mahesh to become more violent because of this heavy dose so Preeta believes that Mahesh is really mad. She asks him that why it looks like he is scared about something. He tells her that he just changed his planning and strategy little bit that’s it. She asks about his plan. He tells her something which shocks her.

Episode ends.

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