Kundali Bhagya 5th March 2023 Written Update: Karan learns about Anjali’s coma


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9 months later

Episode begins with Mahesh teases Karan for checking all the facilities of the hospital. Srishti says that Karan is best. Preeta screams due to delivery pain. Luthras admits Preeta in the hospital. They asks Preeta to not get scared. Karan tells Preeta that he love her. Hospital staff takes Preeta inside the room. Luthras teases Karan to divert his mind. Rakhi hope that everything becomes fine.

Karan moves towards hospital temple. He collides with Nidhi. Nidhi asks him that if he is fine. He informs her about Preeta’s pregnancy. He asks her that what is she doing there. She hides about Anjali from him. He notices Anjali lying on the bed and he asks Nidhi that what happened to Anjali. Nidhi informs him about Anjali’s accident and coma. She asks him to not worry about them. She tells him that Preeta need him now. He apologizes to her for not calling to know about their condition. He asks her to call him if she need anything then. He holds Anjali’s hand and leaves from there.

Kareena says that she is scared and she want to go to hospital temple. Mahesh tells her that Karan is there and Karan would be embarrassed seeing her there. Luthras scolds Rishabh for not calling Beeji yet. Rishabh calls Beeji and gives the phone to Rakhi. Rakhi informs Beeji about Preeta’s delivery pain.

Karan goes to hospital temple. He checks that if anyone is watching him or not. He tells God that the latter supported him always and gave another birth to him. He says that he was not with Preeta when Kavya born but now he can see his twins birth. He requests him to take care of Preeta and keep her healthy and don’t bring any complications during delivery. He takes prasad and leaves from there.

Nidhi tells Anjali that she miss her. She says that she would have explained to Anjali that Arjun is just her friend if she got chance. She pleads her to get up. She informs her that they are returning to London for their new beginning. She cries.

Sameer informs Karan that he is going to pick up Beeji and leaves from there. Karan enters Anjali’s room. He tells Nidhi that she should have informed him about Anjali’s condition. He says that he is with his family due to Nidhi. And he was upset with Anjali but he can’t see Anjali like this. He asks Anjali to recover soon and leaves from there. Anjali moves her fingers.

Luthras hears kids crying sound and celebrates it. Rakhi congratulates Karan. Kavya says that she become a sister. Doctor tells them that Preeta has delivered twin boys but they don’t lookalike. Beeji comes there. They celebrates their happiness by distributing sweets. Doctor gives the twins to Preeta. Karan enters the room.

Episode ends.

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