Kundali Bhagya 6th January 2022 Written Update: Prithvi informs Sherlyn about Nagre’s arrival


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Episode begins with Preeta notices that servants decorating the house. Rakhi asks her that if the latter slept well. Preeta says that she slept really because her room has so much facilities and the latter need not to talk sweetly with her. Rakhi asks her that now will the latter teach her how to talk. She says that she will talk to her sweetly only. Preeta thinks that Rakhi making it difficult for her by her sweet behaviour. She says that she won’t give special treatment just because the latter talking to her sweetly. Rakhi says that she is going to give food to Mahesh and asks her that if the latter will give it to him. Preeta takes the plate from her and says that Mahesh gave everything to her that’s why she is going.

Natasha tells Karan that she want to see him scolding Preeta. He says that he is not in mood now. Kritika tells them that he didn’t scold Preeta at all. Dadi asks Karan to scold Preeta again. He tries to leave the room but everyone stops him. He says that Preeta must be crying now because he scolded her a lot. She says that she want to see Preeta crying. He stops her saying that even Sameer witnessed that. Sameer agrees with him.

Preeta goes to Mahesh and asks him that if he recognize her. She says that everything will be fine and she feeds him. He takes the plate from her and starts eating it. She says that she is not seeing him so he can eat peacefully and leaves the room. Mona comes there and Mahesh tries to attack her so she takes the whip to hit him but Preeta holds the whip.

On the other hand, Sherlyn tells Prithvi that he should not have called Nagre because he is crazy and cunning. He tells her that Nagre is a lawyer by profession but personally he is a criminal and he will confirm that Preeta’s papers are real or fake. He says that he met him in the jail. She tells him that she knows that and because of him only Prithvi became the owner of the Luthra mansion. He praises Nagre’s skills.

Preeta scolds Mona for trying to hit Mahesh with whip. She orders her to treat Mahesh well and warns her to not touch whip again. Mahesh claps in happiness. She asks Mona to not say about her warning to anyone.

Later, Preeta meets Srishti and tells her that no one is happy with her return except Rakhi. She informs her about how Prithvi torturing Mahesh. She says that she won’t hesitate to go against Luthra’s to save them from Prithvi. Srishti asks her about Karan. Preeta tells her that Karan changed somehow but his attitude towards her didn’t change at all.

She says that she will leave Luthra mansion after giving everything to Luthra’s because she didn’t forgive Karan yet. She asks her to get update from Sameer and not come to Luthra mansion. Srishti recalls that how she fought with Sameer and cut off all ties with him when he refused to believe Preeta. She tells her that she don’t talk to Sameer anymore. She asks to call her for help.

Episode ends.

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