Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2022 Written Update: Karan plans to expose Preeta and Rishabh


Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Srishti tells Preeta that it’s Karan’s 5th death anniversary that’s why the latter feeling like this. She asks her to sleep. Preeta nods at her. Meanwhile, Karan thinks that Rishabh and Preeta have no idea that what is he going to reveal in the party. He says that he will expose them tomorrow. Preeta recalls the moments she shared with Karan. Karan recalls that how Preeta pushed him in the dam ( Galliyan Returns song plays in the background ). He says that Preeta is with Rishabh for money because Rishabh is such a successful businessman and his cricket career was ending so she left him for Rishabh. He adds that God changed Preeta’s plan by saving him. Preeta asks Karan to come in front of her and cries.

Next day, Sameer tells someone that Srishti suspects him a lot. He agrees to meet that person. Srishti overhears his conversation. He notices her and gets scared and changes the topic. He tells her that they are going to party tonight and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Karan scolds staff for not using red colour curtains and red lights. Anjali tells him that she will take care of it. She thinks that Karan is planning to do something big definitely.

Preeta notices a saree and recalls that how Karan choosed that saree for her. She thinks that now she don’t like to do anything because Karan is not with her. Rishabh comes there and asks her that when she will get ready for the party. She asks him that if it is necessary to attend the party. He asks her that if she has any problem. She tells him that she will get ready and goes inside. Karan thinks that Preeta must be hating Arjun and that’s his first victory. He recalls that how Preeta choosed clothes for him. He says that he won’t wear the clothes which is Preeta’s choice.

In the chawl, Sherlyn asks Prithvi that what happened in the auction. Prithvi tells her about Arjun. He says that Arjun bought Karan’s bat for 3 crore rupees which shocks her. He adds that he will return the money to his friend. But Sherlyn stops him and snatches some money from him and leaves from there. Luthras gets ready to attend Arjun’s party. Srishti and Kritika taunts each other. Sameer comes there. Srishti complaints about Kritika to Sameer. Dadi and Kareena comes there and supports Kritika. Srishti says that everyone targets her. Luthras leaves the house.

Karan gets ready for the party. Journalists asks Anjali about Arjun. Anjali praises Arjun. Anjali’s cousin Snigtha comes there and says that Arjun is so handsome. Anjali asks Journalists to enjoy the party and later Arjun will give interview to them. She takes Snigtha aside and scolds her for talking like that in front of everyone. Snigtha asks her that if the latter does not get jealous because Nidhi got Arjun. Anjali tells her that she is happy that Arjun is going to be her brother in law. Snigtha asks her that why Arjun came to India. Anjali tells her that Arjun has purpose.

Episode ends.

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