Kundali Bhagya 6th October 2022 Written Update: Luthras refuses to trust Prithvi’s allegations against Arjun


Kundali Bhagya 6th October 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Arjun asks Preeta to leave Rishabh’s hand because next dance performance is his and Rishabh’s one. Anjali thinks that she has to execute Arjun’s plan and leaves from there. Rishabh asks Arjun that if the latter want to dance with him. Preeta says that Rishabh won’t dance with Arjun and takes Rishabh from there. Music starts playing when Rishabh and Preeta goes to the dance floor. So they starts dancing. Then Sameer, Srishti and Arjun joins them. After some time Mahesh joins them. Everyone dances on Kala Chasma song.

Srishti notices Prithvi and she shows Prithvi to Sameer. They drags Prithvi from there. Rakhi gives water to Mahesh. Kareena tells Mahesh that he is sweating after dancing few seconds. Mahesh complains about Kareena to Dadi. Kritika says that no one can dance like Mahesh. Rishabh asks Preeta that what she want to talk to him. Preeta tells him that she want to talk about Kavya. 

Sameer asks Prithvi that what the latter doing there. He tells Srishti to call the Police. Prithvi stops Srishti from calling the Police. He says that he is not scared of Police. He says that he is scared of Arjun. He asks them to not trust Arjun because he is deceiving them. He says that today he came to help them. He asks them to stop this business collaboration because Arjun is their enemy. He tells them to call the Police if he got proved wrong then. 

Preeta shows Kavya’s report card to Rishabh. Rishabh tells her that these are not bad scores. He says that he don’t want to pressurize Kavya for anything. She tells him that Kavya should get A grade atleast. He asks her that why she is behaving like Kavya. She tells him that he is behaving like a kid. Srishti comes there and tells them about Prithvi. She takes Preeta with her. Rishabh takes Arjun to the room.

Arjun asks that what happened. Sameer tells him that they got to know everything. Srishti reveals about what Prithvi told about Arjun. Sameer says that Arjun should have told them that he put Prithvi in the car dicky. Rishabh tells Arjun that the latter hit on Prithvi’s head and Arjun would have end up in problem if anything happened to Prithvi then. Preeta says that Arjun have master degree for making mistakes. Srishti and Sameer opens the cupboard. Arjun gets shocked seeing the tied up Prithvi inside the cupboard. Rishabh tells Sameer to handover Prithvi to the Police and leaves the room. 

Arjun tells Anjali everything. He says that Luthras will handover Prithvi to the Police once the party gets over. He asks her about pendrive. Prithvi thinks that Luthras are stupid. Sherlyn, Raja and Vishnu comes there. Sherlyn finds Prithvi and scolds him. Raja and Vishnu unties Prithvi. Vishnu says that Sherlyn wanted to return to Rishabh. Prithvi slaps him. He refuses to trust him. He leaves the room with pendrive. Preeta tells Rishabh that she is unsure about Arjun still. Rishabh tells her that Arjun is not a bad guy. Rakhi overhears their conversation. She tells Preeta that she have something to talk to her. 

Episode ends. 

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