Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2021 Written Update: Luthra’s celebrates Janmashtami


Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Pihu plays with ball in Luthra mansion and her ball goes to Mahesh’s room. She asks Mahesh to give her ball. He tells her that, that’s his ball. She tells him that, that’s her ball and takes it from him. He asks her that who is she and he feels dizzy so she holds him. He thanks her and tells him that she lost way to reach the hall. He picks her and takes her from there.

Meanwhile NGO lady congratulates Preeta and Karan saying that they are Pihu’s parents from now on. Karan and Preeta signs on the documents. NGO lady asks them to visit the NGO to complete the small formality whenever they gets time. She tells Luthra’s that they are really lucky that’s why adoption process got over in such a short span of time. She says to Preeta that Pihu is such a lovable child and she is sure that Pihu will live happily with them.

Mahesh comes there with Pihu and drops her. NGO lady tells Pihu that Karan and Preeta are the latter’s parents. Pihu goes to them saying that they are her friends. NGO lady asks them to give some time to Pihu to adjust with everyone. Sherlyn leaves from there. Rakhi tells Mahesh that she was talking about Pihu only. NGO lady introduces Luthra’s to Pihu. Pihu meets everyone.

On the other hand, Sarla brings ‘puja’ ingredients to celebrate Janmashtami. She tells Srishti that she want to pray for Preeta and the latter. She picks Sameer’s call. Srishti asks her to put the mobile on speaker. Rakhi informs Sarla about Preeta’s new report and also about Pihu’s adoption. Sarla and Srishti smiles hearing her. Sarla tells Rakhi that she is so happy to hear that. Rakhi asks her to visit Luthra mansion. Sarla tells her that they will reach soon. Srishti gets excited to meet Pihu. Sarla decides to make ‘kheer’. Srishti goes to her room to get ready.

Pihu tells Rakhi that they will celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday today and runs from there. Sameer follows her. Preeta hugs Rakhi. Rakhi asks her and Karan to get ready for ‘puja’. Other side, Sherlyn informs Prithvi about adoption.

Prithvi tells her that Preeta settled in Luthra family really well but the latter’s situation is not well. She tells him that Preeta is really lucky and she is thinking to become her friend. He laughs at her. She hides hearing Kritika’s voice. Kritika enters the room and tells Prithvi about Pihu. Sherlyn escapes from there. Kritika asks Prithvi to get ready for ‘puja’.

Sarla and Srishti reaches Luthra mansion and greets everyone. Preeta and Karan brings Pihu. Everyone adores Pihu. Sarla and Srishti smiles seeing Pihu. Sarla kisses Pihu and introduces herself to her. She tells her that she brought ‘kheer’ and ‘makhan’ for her and feeds her. Pihu asks her about Srishti. Srishti introduces herself to Pihu.

Episode ends.

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