Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2023 Written Update: Kavya wants to tie rakhi to Rajveer

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Episode begins with Kareena tells Shaurya that he should thank Rajveer instead of accusing him. She says that Shaurya is looking like a shadow of Nidhi. She adds that Shaurya did not get good upbringing. She tauntingly tells him to use his mind. She scolds Nidhi for not giving good upbringing to Shaurya. Doctor tells Luthras that both Rajveer and Kavya are out of danger now. He says that Kavya would have died if Rajveer did not suck poison from her body then. He tells them to call snake charmer and find the snake because snake is really poisonous one. Rishabh gets antibiotic medicine from doctor.

Kavya tries to get up. Rakhi tells Kavya that the latter should take rest. Kavya says that she has to perform rakhi ritual. Rajveer says that it’s late so he will go home. Kavya tells him that he fulfilled his responsibility by saving her. She asks him that won’t he let her tie rakhi on his hand. She says that they choosed their relationship and sometimes these kind of relationships are precious than blood relations.

He tells her that she has only one rakhi so he will buy one. She tells him that she has two brothers so she has two rakhi. Shaurya gets angry hearing this. He refuses to celebrate raksha bandhan and goes upstairs. Karan scolds Shaurya. He tells Kavya to tie rakhi on Rajveer’s hand only. Rajveer tells him that it looks like relations are joke for him.

Preeta drinks water. She notices that Srishti and Gurpreet are staring her. She asks them that what happened. Srishti gets relieved that Preeta don’t remember anything. She tells her that the latter felt dizzy. She asks her to take rest.

Rajveer asks Karan that how can the latter say that Kavya should tie rakhi on his hand only. Karan tells him that the latter saved Kavya’s life today, else he would react differently. Rishabh tells him that he can understand Rajveer values relations. Rajveer says that nothing matters for him than relations. Karan says that humans matters for him the most. Rishabh says that family matters for him the most. And says everything is connected with each other. Mahesh says that Rishabh is like him. Dadi says that Mahesh is like him. Rajveer says that Shaurya is like Karan. Karan asks him that why the latter don’t like him.

Shaurya asks Nidhi that why Kavya said like that. Nidhi tells him that Rajveer became hero by saving Kavya and says Shaurya became zero because of his behaviour. Rajveer goes inside to talk on a phone call. Luthras tells Karan that the latter is wrong.

Srishti says that Preeta may remember the past. Gurpreet tells her that this is good. Srishti shook her head and she tells everything to Gurpreet. Gurpreet gets shocked learning that Karan is Preeta’s husband. Srishti tells her about accident. She says that she can’t let Preeta meet Luthras.

Episode ends.

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