Kundali Bhagya 7th January 2022 Written Update: Karan acts like scolding Preeta in front of Luthra’s


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Episode begins with Srishti asks Preeta to call her if the latter need any help or missed her then. Preeta receives Prithvi’s message and tells Srishti that he is calling her to living room. She asks her to take care of Sarla and Dadi. Srishti hugs her and leaves from there. Dadi makes Karan eat sweet for scolding Preeta. Sameer notices that Preeta coming that way and he tells Karan that they should escape from there. Dadi stops Preeta and tells her that now the latter would have understood that no one loves her in this house. Preeta says that, that’s not a big deal and she clearly told that she didn’t return for anyone’s love. Natasha tells her that the latter has so much attitude.

Preeta asks to not waste her time because she has so many things to do and accepts that she has attitude. Kritika tells her that Karan would have cleared the latter’s misunderstanding. Preeta asks them that what’s happening here. Natasha tells her that everyone hates her and asks her to not behave like this. Preeta asks her to shut up. Dadi asks Karan to scold Preeta. Preeta tells her that she don’t have time to waste and leaves from there. Karan says that Preeta is afraid of him that’s why she left. Kritika opposes him.

Dadi asks Karan to break Preeta’s attitude for her sake. Kritika tells Karan that he is their last hope. Karan leaves from there. Sameer follows him. Karan asks to stop their family from reaching him and moves from there. Sameer stops Dadi saying that Karan won’t be able to say any bad words in front of her while scolding Preeta so she should watch the fight from here only. Dadi agrees with him and tells him that Karan respects her a lot.

Karan waits for Preeta and stops her and asks her that is she going somewhere. She tells him that she has lot of work to do. He says that she is wearing two different earrings. She touches her earrings. He tells her that he misunderstood. Sameer tells Dadi that Preeta apologizing to Karan. Dadi asks Preeta to not repeat the mistake otherwise she has to apologize to Karan again. Preeta gets confused hearing her. Natasha and Kritika says that just now Preeta apologized to Karan by holding her ears.

Preeta asks her that who is she to interfere in between her and Karan. She asks that if the latter is interested in Karan. Natasha tells her that she said just like that. Preeta says that the latter should not be interested on Karan and leaves from there. Karan smiles hearing her and leaves from there. Natasha tells others that Karan loves Preeta still and he never scolded Preeta for sure.

Prithvi tells Preeta and he and Nagre waited a lot for her. Everyone gathers in the hall. Karan recalls that how Nagre announced that Prithvi is the new owner of the Luthra mansion. Rakhi recalls that how Nagre told them to follow Prithvi’s rules and regulations to stay in Luthra mansion. Nagre tells Preeta that Prithvi’s papers has Mahesh’s original signature and as Prithvi’s lawyer he want to see her papers too. He threatens to file case against her if the signature turns out to be fake then. Preeta goes inside. Prithvi is so sure that papers must be fake only.

Episode ends.

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