Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2021 Written Update: Sherlyn plans to destroy Preeta’s happiness


Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Pihu tells Srishti that she don’t like her because the latter is not wearing Radha’s costume. Srishti asks to call her as ‘Maasi’. Pihu asks her to wear Radha’s costume first. Sarla teases Srishti. Srishti tells Pihu that Preeta has Karan but she don’t have Krishna that’s why she can’t become Radha.

Pihu sees everyone and brings Sameer and tells Srishti that he will become the latter’s Krishna. Srishti tells her that she don’t even have Radha’s costume. Kritika tells her that she will help her with costume and takes her from there. Pihu asks Preeta to feed ‘makhan’ to her. Preeta smiles hearing her.

Rakhi teasingly tells them that now everyone has to follow Pihu’s orders only. She tells Sarla that it’s Kareena who suggested adoption and because of Kareena only everyone is happy today. Kareena tells her that not everyone likes her but she wants good only for her family.

Srishti and Sameer comes there. Pihu tells Srishti that the latter looking good. She asks Sherlyn to play music. Srishti and Sameer performs on “woh kisna hain” song. Then Preeta and Karan dances on that song with Pihu.

After some time, Srishti tells Pihu that she became Radha and asks to call her as ‘Maasi’ now. Pihu calls her as ‘Maasi’. She tells them that she want to play ‘dahi handi’. Sarla tells her that they will play that after ‘puja’. Mahesh tells them that Pihu has attitude like Karan. Preeta tells them that it’s time for ‘puja’. Karan and Preeta fights with each other to hold Pihu’s hand. Pihu teases them for fighting for such a small matter. Sarla tells her that they are like this only.

Luthra’s and Arora’s does Lord Krishna’s ‘puja’. Sarla prays to Lord Krishna for Preeta and Karan’s happiness. Rakhi asks Lord Krishna to bless her family and not let any storm come in their life. Karan asks Pihu that don’t she want to play ‘dahi handi’. She gets excited hearing him and he picks her.

He helps her to break the ‘dahi handi’. She tells him that she is tired now so want to sleep. Preeta asks Karan to give Pihu to her. He tells her that he will make Pihu sleep. She tells him that Pihu needs her now. He asks Pihu that does she want to go to Preeta. She nods at him. Preeta takes Pihu from him and goes to her room. Arora’s leaves the house.

Pihu comes out of the washroom after changing her dress. Preeta picks Pihu to put her sleep. Karan calls Mahesh and tells him that Preeta saying that mother has rights on child than a father. Rakhi takes the mobile from Mahesh and tells Karan that Preeta is right and disconnects the call. Mahesh fights with Rakhi for lying to Karan. She tells him that from now on Karan and Preeta will fight for every small thing. He tells her that, that won’t happen.

Meanwhile Preeta lays Pihu on the bed and she lays beside her. Karan tells Preeta that Pihu will sleep with him. Pihu lays in between Karan and Preeta to stop their fight. Next day, Sherlyn sees Preeta and thinks that after this the latter can’t sleep peacefully.

Episode ends.

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