Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2022 Written Update: Prithvi makes a deal with Natasha


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Episode begins with Prithvi searches Karan to kill him. Preeta tells Rishabh that Karan will be so happy learning about their anniversary. She adds that they are going to expose Natasha so it’s a gift for Karan from her side. He tells her that they are getting rid of all the negativity. She tells him that Karan should say sorry to her but he won’t say. They laughs. Karan sees that and goes to charge his phone. Prithvi finds Karan and takes the knife from his pocket. Karan receives Preeta and Rishabh’s pictures which took from Roxy’s guy. He drinks a lot. Rishabh notices that.

On the other hand, Srishti praises Sameer for making Roxy unconscious in one punch. Sameer asks her that if she will marry him. She gets shocked hearing him. He tells her that he wanted to ask her always. She gets shy and moves from there. He tells himself that finally he proposed Srishti.

Rishabh goes to Karan and asks him to stop drinking. He tells him that Preeta is waiting for him. Preeta comes there and gives mask to Karan. He tells her that he don’t need that and holds her hand tightly. Rishabh asks him that what happened to the latter. Karan drags Preeta to the dance floor and dances with her. He leaves from there in the middle of the dance which shocks everyone.

Roxy regains consciousness and unties Natasha. She tells him that Preeta recorded everything and if Karan got to learn the truth then he won’t marry her. He tells her that they have to stop Preeta at any cost.

Karan recalls Natasha and Sherlyn’s words about Preeta and Rishabh. Natasha sees Karan and tells Roxy that seems like Preeta has said the truth to Karan yet. She notices Prithvi moving towards Karan and tells about it to Roxy. They drags Prithvi from there. Karan tells himself that he is everyone’s dream but the one he dreamt is don’t dream about him.

Natasha removes Prithvi’s mask and gets shocked seeing Prithvi. She asks him that why he tried to kill Karan. He asks her that how can she even ask this question to him. He adds Karan ruined his life so he will him today no matter what. She tells him that she is going to marry Karan and she won’t let the latter ruin her plan. He tells her that he is not afraid of her. He asks her to transfer all the properties on his name after marrying Karan. Roxy convinces Natasha to agree with Prithvi. Prithvi leaves from there.

Preeta searches Karan and finds him taking a selfie with his fan. She asks him that if he is angry at her. He asks her that when they laughed together. He tells her that she is happy with someone else but fights with him always. She tells him that she want to answer all of his questions and asks him to meet her outside house. He leaves from there. She asks Rishabh to bring the proofs. They decides to celebrate the anniversary after telling the truth to Karan.

Episode ends.

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