Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2022 Written Update: Preeta challenges Prithvi through her dance performance


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The episode starts with Prithvi saying to Angre that he will play a game which will bring a twist and the judge will never declare Mahesh normal. Karan asks Dadi who called the judge here to which Dadi says that Preeta called him. Prithvi thinks of not revealing to Preeta that he knows her plan else she will change her plan. He asks Preeta what she’s going to do. Preeta says to find it out on his own.

Preeta goes to he judge and welcomes him to the party. The lights go off. Preeta makes Mahesh sit on the chair. She takes his blessings and does a dance performance with Srishti. Preeta looks at Prithvi while dancing and indirectly says that she will take her revenge from him. Prithvi walks away angrily. He throws the things venting out his anger. Sherlyn comes to Prithvi and tries to calm him down. Prithvi says that he has become mad the moment Preeta started to win over him. He says that she challenges her by dancing that he is going to lose tonight. He shouts that he can’t do anything despite him losing. Sherlyn asks him to calm down. Prithvi says that he can’t. He says that anyone of them will win tonight. He says that he will teach her lesson today. He says that Preeta challenged him in front of all. He will question her what she’s up to in front of all as well. Prithvi

Prithvi dances looking at Preeta. Smoke gets released. Prithvi uses this opportunity and drags Preeta from there. Sherlyn sees this. After that Rakhi asks how the smoke has come. She asks the servant to open the windows. Karan asks where Preeta is and begins to find her, but Sherlyn stops him saying that she knows where Preeta is. Meanwhile Prithvi brings Preeta into a room. Preeta asks what happened, he looks frustrated. He seems that he has lot of questions to ask her. He is frustrated of losing control. She says him to directly ask her what she’s doing and why. Prithvi asks Preeta to tell why she called the judge. Preeta says that she called the judge to declare Mahesh normal on seeing him acting normal than he doesn’t need to stay in the basement. He will stay with his family. Prithvi smirks. He says that Preeta keeps underestimating him. He isn’t fool like her husband to think by his heart, but he thinks by his mind. He asks Preeta to go and prove that Mahesh is normal. Prithvi says that Mahesh will remove Preeta along with him from his will if he gets proved normal. He further says that Mahesh family will reveal to Mahesh how Preeta tortured them with her strict rules. After hearing this Mahesh can even slap Preeta out of anger. He says that he understands that Preeta returned to take revenge from the Luthras for what happened with her two years before, but he doesn’t understand why he wants to prove Mahesh normal. He says that it seems Preeta is taking her revenge from him by doing this.

Karan asks Sherlyn where Preeta is. Sherlyn says that she doesn’t know where Preeta is, but disappearing in the smoke was a part of her act. Dadi says that it’s bad performance. Biji asks how she knows this. Sherlyn says that Preeta was blabbering it. Karan gets worried about Preeta and leaves from there to find Preeta.The judge says that he liked the sisters’ performance. Srishti thanks him. She thinks that Preeta could have taken her with her. Sherlyn thinks of informing Prithvi that Karan is desperately looking for Preeta.

The episode ends.

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