Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update: Anjali points a gun at Nidhi


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Episode begins with Anjali reaches the farm house with Preeta’s baby. She calls Nurse Sudha and asks her to come to farm house. Sudha comes there. Anjali asks her to take care of the baby. She tells her that the latter will get money. Sudha takes the baby. Nidhi comes there and asks Anjali that why the latter is doing all this. She says that she is ashamed. She asks her to not do this. Anjali tells her to convince Karan to talk to her. She says that she won’t give the baby to Nidhi no matter what. Nidhi tries to slap her but the latter holds her hand. Anjali tells her that she is not old Anjali. She points a gun at her. She says that she won’t sacrifice her love. She asks her to tell Karan to divorce Preeta and marry her if he want his baby alive.

Nidhi tells her that she won’t tell anything like that to Karan. Anjali asks her to do it for Karan’s baby. She tells her that inform Karan that she stole his baby. She throws her out of the house. Nidhi recalls Anjali’s words. She thinks that now only Karan can save his son.

In the hospital, Dadi says that she want to perform puja because bad happening with them. She assures Rakhi that everything will become fine. Rishabh tells Rakhi that they are waiting outside the room. Luthras leaves the room. Nidhi comes there. Karan asks Nidhi that if Anjali is fine. She apologizes to him. She tells him that Anjali don’t deserve his care. She informs him that Anjali stole his baby. Luthras gets shocked hearing her.

Nidhi tells Karan that Anjali is in her farm house. She tells him everything. Rakhi hears everything and faints.

Sudha asks Anjali about milk. Anjali tells her to check in the kitchen. Priyanka comes there. Anjali gets happy seeing her. She tells her that she is going to get Karan. Sudha takes milk from the kitchen and goes inside.

Anjali informs Priyanka about Karan’s baby. Priyanka tells her that she is happy for her. Anjali says that Nidhi ruined everything but she will get everything which she deserves.

Luthras asks Rakhi to not worry. Rakhi cries. She says that Preeta said her babies are in danger but they did not listen her. She says that Preeta is mother that’s why she felt like that. And they failed to protect their baby. Karan promises to her that he will save his son at any cost. He asks Nidhi to take him to her farm house. They leaves from there. Srishti and Sameer looks at each other. They follows Karan and Nidhi’s car.

Karan picks Anjali’s video call. He scolds her for stealing his baby. Anjali asks him to relax. She tells him to come soon and they will talk.

Episode ends.

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