Kundali Bhagya 8th September 2021 Written Update: Srishti finds Pihu


Kundali Bhagya 8th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Mahesh comes downstairs and asks Girish about Pihu. Girish tells him that everyone asking about Pihu but she didn’t come downstairs yet. Dadi and Kareena comes from outside. Kareena asks Girish to make breakfast. Mahesh asks Kareena and Dadi that why they are coming from outside. Kareena tells him that Dadi didn’t let her sleep too because Dadi wanted to buy designer dress for Pihu. He laughs hearing her. Dadi tells them that she is excited so they should not make fun of her and decides to bring Pihu. He stops her saying that let Pihu sleep. Kareena agrees with him and says that they can have breakfast before Pihu wakes up.

Meanwhile Rakhi asks Girish to put the swing in the store room. She throws the ball saying that Pihu won’t play with it. Sarla catches it and tells her that maybe Pihu likes to play with ball. Rakhi tells her that the latter is right because yesterday too Pihu was playing with ball. Kritika comes there and gets surprised seeing Sarla at early morning. Sarla tells them that she could not stay in Arora house that’s why she and Srishti came to see Pihu. Kritika asks Rakhi that what the latter doing now. Rakhi tells her that she is arranging the room according to Pihu’s taste.

They goes to Karan’s room. Sarla and Rakhi hesitates to enter the room. Kritika tells them that Preeta must have woke up already and enters the room. Rakhi and Sarla too enters the room and apologizes to Karan and Preeta for disturbing them. Kritika asks them about Pihu. Preeta tells her that Pihu must be downstairs. Rakhi tells her that Pihu is not downstairs. Sarla tells her that maybe Pihu playing with someone.

While driving the car Prithvi talks to himself saying that now Luthra’s will understand that what they lost. Other side, Preeta asks Dadi about Pihu. Everyone searches Pihu. Sherlyn thinks that everyone became mad for Pihu. Srishti finds Pihu in the kitchen and asks her that is the latter playing with them. Pihu tells her that she lost now because the latter found her. Srishti tells her that the latter is really naughty and picks her saying that everyone loves her so much.

Dadi asks Mahesh to call the Police. Srishti brings Pihu. Everyone gets relieved seeing Pihu. Preeta hugs Pihu and asks her that where the latter went. Pihu asks her that why the latter crying. She tells her that she was playing hide and seek. Preeta tells her to inform before playing hide and seek. Pihu apologizes to everyone. Preeta asks to call her as ‘Mumma’. Pihu calls her as ‘Mumma’. Preeta asks her to have breakfast. Pihu tells her that she is not hungry. Karan takes apple to have it. Pihu asks him to give it to her but he refuses. Preeta snatches it from him and gives it to Pihu. Karan and Preeta goes to get ready. Others plays with Pihu.

Prithvi takes the files and decides to use these files in the future to destroy Luthra’s business. Dadi tells Sarla that seems like big storm going to come. She asks Sherlyn and Kritika to close all the doors and windows. She tells Sarla that she feels like something bad going to happen. Sonakshi enters the house which shocks everyone.

Episode ends.

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