Kundali Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update: Priyanka saves Anjali


Kundali Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Arjun gets shocked seeing Prithvi. Prithvi tells him that he came to attend the marriage. Arjun refuses to believe him and orders him to leave. Prithvi tells him that he did nothing wrong with him still Arjun hate him. He says that Arjun wants Luthras well-being now when it was totally opposite in the beginning. Arjun throws him out of the house. Prithvi address Arjun as Karan which shocks Arjun.

On the other hand, Priyanka asks Anjali to come down. Anjali refuses. Priyanka drags her and hugs her. She scolds her for attempting to commit suicide. She asks her to think before doing something like this. Anjali tells her that Arjun has changed and now he is Karan who loves only Preeta. She asks her that what she lacks. She claims that she did everything for Arjun but he don’t love her. She says that Arjun was her family and now she feel like everything getting shattered and she is not understanding what she should do now. She reveals that she even tried to kill Preeta to stop the marriage but she failed.

Priyanka tells her that she can understand her feelings. She asks her that what the latter wants. Anjali tells her that she want to become Arjun’s wife. Priyanka advices her to take Preeta’s place to marry Arjun. She tells the plan to her.

Arjun asks Prithvi that why he would hide the truth from Luthras if he is Karan then. Prithvi tells him that he also have same doubt. Arjun reveals that he know Prithvi came as robber. Prithvi asks him to remove his mask. Arjun tells him that he is not Karan. Prithvi asks him that why the latter want to marry Preeta when she is not single like him. Arjun tells him that he want to snatch everything which belongs to Rishabh. Prithvi says that he know Karan very well so he is sure Arjun is Karan. He tells him that he also love Preeta so much.

Arjun throws flower vase towards Prithvi in anger. Prithvi bends to escape. He says that Karan is also used to react like this whenever he talked about Preeta. He reminds him that the latter took his place to marry Preeta. He says that he will take revenge for that today. He adds that he will marry Preeta today. Arjun beat Prithvi up. He warns him to not take Preeta’s name. Prithvi makes him unconscious by hitting on his head. He wears Arjun’s outfit. Sameer comes there. He tells him that everyone is waiting for him and leaves from there.

Srishti and Kritika brings Preeta. Prithvi comes out of Arjun’s room. And due to Prithvi’s veil no one could see his face. He thinks that everything changed except his love for Preeta. Preeta wonders that why she is feeling weird.

Episode ends.

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