Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2022 Written Update: Karan fall off the dam


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Episode begins with Natasha and Roxy overhears Rishabh and Preeta’s conversation. Natasha tells Roxy that Preeta will expose them and they can’t do anything. She gets an idea and asks him that what if Karan dies and Preeta gets blamed for Karan’s death. She adds that she can live as Karan’s widow in Luthra house. He tells her that she became mad. He adds that Rishabh knows the truth too. She tells him that they will trap both Rishabh and Preeta in Karan’s murder case. She adds that they will kidnap Srishti and Sameer. She tells him that they will murder Karan wearing clothes like Preeta and Rishabh. She says that they have to murder Karan before Preeta and Rishabh’ reaches the lake.

On the other hand, Karan waits for Preeta in the lake. He wonders that where is Preeta now. Roxy and Natasha comes there wearing clothes like Rishabh and Preeta. Karan sees them romancing. He recalls Natasha’s words about Rishabh and Preeta extra marital affair. Meanwhile, Preeta and Rishabh leaves for lake. Prithvi sees them and wonders that where they are going at this time. He follows them.

Karan could not see Natasha and Roxy’s face because of their masks. He assumes Natasha as Preeta and asks her that why she betrayed him when he trusted her the most. Rishabh and Preeta reaches the lake and sees Roxy’s car. Karan asks Natasha to not move towards him. He assumes Roxy as Rishabh and tells him that he didn’t expected this from the latter. He asks them that why they betrayed him. He says that his wife and his brother betrayed him and he won’t believe anyone. Natasha pushes Karan and he fall off the dam. Prithvi sees that.

Rishabh and Preeta hears Karan’s screaming. Few people sees Karan hanging. They calls the police. Rishabh and Preeta finds Karan and sees him falling off the dam. Natasha and Roxy smiles seeing that. Preeta tries to jump to save Karan but Rishabh holds her. Servant informs Rakhi that Karan fell off the dam. Everyone leaves from there.

Prithvi tells Natasha that he could not believe that the latter murdered Karan. She tells him that Preeta will be blamed for Karan’s murder. They hides hearing police siren sound. Luthras comes there. Srishti sees Prithvi and tells about him to others. The Police catches Prithvi. Sameer says that Prithvi would have done something to Karan. Prithvi tells the police that Roxy and Natasha murdered Karan. The police finds Roxy in the car dicky. Roxy and Prithvi runs from there. Karan struggles to swim. Luthras gets worried seeing that. Crocodile eats Karan’s leg. Everyone gets shattered seeing that. Police asks to send rescue team.

Sherlyn slaps Natasha and tells her that the latter ruined everything. Roxy tells her about their plan. He adds that Prithvi ruined everything. He tells Natasha that they should leave the city. Sherlyn receives Prithvi’s message and leaves for his house. Later, police inspector tells Luthras that they found a dead body. Preeta says that Karan must be fine. He tells her that he can understand her situation.

Episode ends.

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