Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2022 Written Update: Sherlyn ousts Natasha out of the house


Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Sherlyn informs Kareena that Sanjana returned so Natasha leaving the house. Natasha says that she want to stay in the Luthra house. Kareena tells her that Sanjana must be feeling lonely so the latter should leave. She adds that they will miss her. Natasha tells her that she wanted to stay until Karan’s problem gets resolved. Kareena tells her that the latter can come to the court from Sanjana’s house too. Sherlyn drags Natasha from there and ousts her out of the house. Natasha leaves from there and wonders that where can she go. She feels like someone is following her and gets shocked seeing someone. She runs from there.

Meanwhile, Preeta tells Srishti that tomorrow Karan will be released for sure. She says that Prithvi should not know that they have proof against him. She calls Bodhi hotel’s manager and tells him that she want to check his hotel’s CCTV footage. He tells her that she can visit the hotel tomorrow and he also want to show her something and disconnects the call. Preeta tells everything to Srishti and Sameer. She asks them to reach the court first and she will come after meeting the hotel’s manager.

She says that they have enough proof to prove Karan’s innocence. She adds that she is happy that tomorrow Karan will be released and Prithvi will end up in jail. Natasha hears everything. Sameer goes to drop Srishti. Natasha tells herself that Sherlyn and Prithvi should not know that Preeta has proof against Prithvi. She says that she don’t want to go back to the place from where she came so she has to do something.

Preeta enters the house. Sherlyn wonders that why Preeta didn’t say anything. Preeta thinks that she is sure that Sherlyn knows about Prithvi’s plan. She goes to her room. Natasha pleads Sherlyn that she will leave after witnessing Karan’s court hearing. Sherlyn gives permission to her. Natasha thinks that tomorrow Prithvi will leave the house.

Next day, Police brings Karan to the court. Malkani informs Karan that he has proof to prove his innocence. Luthras meets Karan. Prithvi asks Karan to not worry about anything. Sameer hugs Karan. Police takes Karan inside the court. Srishti asks Prithvi to find a good lawyer for him and goes inside. Prithvi wonders that why Preeta has not reached the court yet. He recalls that how he saw Preeta’s car outside Bodhi’s hotel. He realises that he met Karan’s duplicate Prince in that hotel only. He calls Sandesh and asks him that if the latter met Preeta. Sandesh tells him that he didn’t meet her. Prithvi sends Srishti’s picture to him and learns that she met Sandesh.

On the other hand, Manager shows the CCTV footage to Preeta and tells her about Karan’s duplicate. She gets his confession and also CCTV footage. Court hearing begins. Karan thinks that he would have felt better if Preeta was with him. He adds that he must be missing Rakhi not Preeta. Sherlyn wonders that where Natasha and Prithvi went.

Episode ends.

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