Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2023 Written Update: Goons chases Kritika


Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Shaurya gives jacket to Rajveer. Kavya tells Rajveer that today her mother will come home. Rajveer asks her that who said that. She replies to him that Karan said. On the other hand, Goons sees Preeta. Preeta runs from there. Kritika comes there and asks goons that who are they. She notices knife and runs from there.

Amy asks Shaurya about the impact of bomb blast. Shaurya tells him that he won’t press the button when his family members are beside Rajveer. Varun enters the house and he takes elders blessings. Kareena introduces Varun to Daljeet. Kavya tells Rajveer that she invited Varun but Varun did not come to her. She says that Varun is not even searching her. Rajveer tells her that she is getting possessive. He takes Kavya to Varun. He scolds Varun for coming late. Varun apologizes to Kavya for coming late. He gives Diwali gift to her and hugs her. Luthras teases them.

Shaurya waits for the right moment to press the button. He sees dancers dancing and joins them. Amy and Sandy joins Shaurya. Shaurya takes Rajveer to the dance floor. Rajveer dances. Shaurya is about to press the button but Kavya joins Rajveer. After that, Luthras joins Rajveer. So Shaurya gets annoyed and leaves from there. Amy gives water to Shaurya. Shaurya pushes the water glass away. Sandy asks Shaurya that why the latter is angry at them. Shaurya tells him that he is angry at himself because his plan flopped.

Karan wonders where Preeta went. Rakhi tells him that she saw Preeta. She hugs him. Karan sees Preeta and follows her. Rakhi tells thanks to God for sending Preeta home.

Mahesh eats sweet dish. Rishabh tells Mahesh that Kareena saw this. Mahesh tells him that Kareena won’t scold him like Rakhi. Kareena scolds Mahesh for eating sweet dish. She says that she will complain about it to Dadi. Kavya comes there and asks that what’s happening. Rishabh tells her everything. Kavya says that Kareena become like Rakhi. Daljeet says that it’s Diwali so Mahesh can eat sweet dish. Kareena tells her that Mahesh is sugar patient.

Shaurya notices Rajveer is alone and he takes the remote to press the button. Rajveer collides with waiter. Luthras goes to Rajveer which pisses off Shaurya. Kareena tells Kavya to give her hair dryer to Rajveer. Kavya takes Rajveer from there. Shanaya asks Shaurya that what happened. Shaurya leaves from there without saying anything.

Preeta hides in the room. Karan comes there and calls Preeta. Preeta drags Karan behind the curtain. Goon comes there and searches Preeta. He warns Preeta to come out. Meanwhile, Kritika hides from other goons. Goons finds Kritika. She asks them that who are they and why they came there. Goon threatens to kill her. She runs from there. Goons chases her. Karan gets happy seeing Preeta and he smiles at her. Preeta gets scared hearing goon’s warning.

Episode ends.