Kundali Bhagya : Preeta trapped in Sherlyn’s intrigues will once again go to jail, Karan’s hands are proof

Kundali Bhagya 27th Jan 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialgossip.in

In Kundali Bhagya, a high voltage drama is going on at the moment. In the last episode, we have seen that Preeta is acquitted from jail, which Rishabh got Bell. At the same time, Preeta will once again get caught in Sherlyn’s intrigues and the police will once again put her in jail. All this will be shown in today’s Mahapeisode. At the same time, Karan also goes to Preeta to explain all the things why she did this with Mahira.

Now there is a big twist to come. Preeta will go to jail, after which the police reach her house to arrest her. At the same time, Karan is also present. Preeta will plead in front of the police that she has done nothing. Rishabh ji has also done this bell. Police tells Preeta that this time no one will be able to save her. Karan also keeps on listening to these things of the police.

Explain that Twist will be revealed in the epic episode that Karan is doing all this to save Preeta. By doing this, he is collecting all the evidence. Karan is suspicious of Mahira, who thinks that something is wrong. The next episode will show Karan getting all the evidence against Mahira.

While gathering evidence of Karan, he gets an accidental clip video which will be enough to save Preeta. After this he will be able to get Preeta acquitted. Along with this, Karan and Preeta’s romance will also be shown in this episode. Karan will take on Preeta, which will be a big win for Preeta’s fans. Also Karan and the police will come to know that Preeta did not try to kill Mahira.


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