Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story 15th September 2020 : Sameer stops Mahira from eavesdropping


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Episode begins with Karan says Preeta apologizing to him but in her eyes he still can see anger and she can’t cheat him with her sweet words. She asks him to look into her eyes and says there is no anger towards him just love for him and respect too. He was about to say something but she put his finger on his lips to stop him from saying anything and asks him to accept her and hugs him suddenly. She addresses him as ‘pati parameshwar’ and says she will live her life serving him as a servant. He gets confused hearing her and wonders what is she saying. She says he is like a God to her. He gets happy hearing her.

She says fights and misunderstandings are common between couples and they patch up with each other after apology that’s why she is apologizing to him. He asks her to apologize to him for all the wrong nicknames she gave him and asks her to admit that he is the best. She apologize to him and says the Karan luthra is best. He was about to go but she stops him by hugging him again knowing that Mahira and Sherlyn waiting outside. He hugs her back and recalls the moments he shared with her.

Sameer sees Mahira and Sherlyn outside Karan’s room and thinks Sristy was right about them. He drags them aside and asks them to learn manners. When Sherlyn gets angry on him, he was about to call Rishab but she stops him in fear and takes Mahira with her. Mahira curses Sameer. Sherlyn says they were eavesdropping Karan’s room and anyone would have behaved same the way Sameer did. Mahira asks her to not take Sameer’s side and says the way Preeta was behaving she will successfully trap Karan. She asks what if Karan forgives Preeta and forgets everything she did. Sherlyn says Mahira thinking too much even if Karan forgives Preeta, she will start to show her true colors.

Karan asks whatever Preeta said was from her heart or said it just like that. She says both of his options are wrong because she didn’t said anything instead she was just teasing him. He gets close to her and says today she teased him and not to repeat that again and he tries to kiss her saying she got her rights now he want his rights and it turns out to be Mahira’s imagination. Mahira says Karan and Preeta together in that room and what if something happens between them. Preeta breaks the hugs and notices that Mahira and Sherlyn is not there.

Karan thinks why she is behaving strange and he asks her to give water to him to prove her who is the boss of the house. She denies to listen his order and says water is beside him only, he can drink without her help too. He says just now she chanted she will be his servant and all but she showed her true colors already. She says that time she was in his servant character but now she is not in mood to play that character. He asks her to leave from his room saying only his servant can stay with him in his room. She says he is not any king and she is not his servant and asks him to leave the room. She asks him to not even think to throw her out of the room because she has equal rights in his bed and room. And they argues with each other for who will sleep where.

Sameer tells Sristy what he did with Mahira and Sherlyn when they were eavesdropping. Sristy praises him. Karan goes to his balcony to sleep there and says Preeta can’t throw him out of his room. He realises that Preeta sleeping in the bed and he is outside his room then says she didn’t throw him outside instead he himself came here to sleep.

Preeta goes to close the window and tells him that it’s going to rain so he can come inside after apologizing to her. He denies to apologize to her and says she wants to see his body that’s why giving this chance. She gets irritated hearing him and goes from there after closing the window.

Episode ends.