Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story 17th December 2020 : Karan teases Preeta


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Episode begins with Karan says he can also sleep comfortably in full bed. She says couple should know each other and understand each other then only they should proceed for honeymoon. He says they will get time to understand each other then they can enjoy their honeymoon too. Sristy asks Sameer about Preeta, Karan. But he misunderstood her and thinks she is talking about them. She asks why she will talk about them. He says she is behaving like she doesn’t know what is happening between them. She says they are just close friends and Kareena doesn’t wants him to talk to her. She says Pawan keep following her and says first she ignored him but seems like he is not coward. He gets angry and tries to prove her that he is also not coward saying Kareena warned him to not talk to her otherwise she will send him back still he is talking to her and supporting her. He says he is doing everything for her and its just that he does everything considering the right time and situation that’s not mean he is coward. She says he become serious and hugs him to cheer him and he hugs her back. Rakhi notices them. Sameer also sees her and acts like he is consoling the crying Sristy. Rakhi says Preeta,Karan will become close to each other in this trip so Sristy should be happy for them. Sristy nods at her. Rakhi says she will drop her in Arora house.

Mahira was packing her clothes. Sherlyn says she should have locked the room and asks what if anyone else saw her. Mahira says Kareena is with them so they need not to worry about anyone. Sherlyn says they are leaving without anyone’s knowledge so if anyone get to knowabout this then even Kareena can’t help them so she should be careful. Mahira tells her to talk only positive things. Sherlyn says they are just crime partners so she should not talk like this. Mahira asks does she have any emotions or not. Sherlyn says her and Prithvi’s purpose is same and they doesn’t care about anything else.

Mahira says today Preeta is part of Karan’s life but nor tomorrow because today she will take her Karan from Preeta. While driving Karan recalls the moments he shared with Preeta and adores her smiling face who is enjoying the nature. Preeta feels cold and opens her bag to get the shawl but shocks seeing revealing night dress. She feels embarrassed when Karan saw her dress and says she didn’t packed this and says its definitely done by Sristy so he should not get any wrong idea. He teases her. Their car stopped in the middle of the road. She mocks him for his carelessness. He calls mechanic and tells Preeta that he will come in one hour so they decides to go to dhaba. One guy follows them. Sarla gets surprised seeing Rakhi in her house and says Sristy should have informed about Rakhi’s arrival. Rakhi says she is not guest. The guy who followed Karan, Preeta informs about them to Mahira. Sherlyn says they will reach manali first to execute their plan and smirks.

Episode ends .