Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story and Spoilers: Mahira lies to luthra’s that…


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Episode begins with Mahira explains how she pushed Mahesh from upstairs. Preeta tries to slap Mahira but Mahira holds her hand and warns Preeta to not touch her. Sristy scolds Mahira for warning Preeta and says Mahira did big mistake by confessing her crime. She says she will bring out Mahira’s truth in front of everyone. Preeta says she will do that.

Mahira mocks her for that and asks how Preeta will expose her? She says now Preeta can’t do anything because luthra’s believes her and hates Preeta. She says today she showed Preeta’s place and says she won’t leave anyone who tries to come between her and Karan and says she won’t even hesitate to kill.

She says if Mahesh got cured then it was not good for her and Sherlyn that’s why she pushed him. Sristy says she will expose Mahira for sure. Mahira says Sristy can’t even enter luthra house then how will she expose her and says no one will believe her too. Preeta asks Mahira to stop and says Mahira betraying luthra family.

Mahira says today she gonna marry Karan and she didn’t inform her family that where she is going so everyone will doubt Preeta automatically now. Mahira slaps Sristy and yells at them for behaving badly with her. She says today arora’s story finished and her story beginning from today in luthra house. Mahira leaves from there after mocking Preeta.

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She asks how Preeta gets to know about Karan’s marriage? Sherlyn thinks she feels so happy seeing Rishab’s sad face and thinks she created hatred in Kareena’s heart for Preeta. Sherlyn says Kareena is right and Mahira’s life in danger. Mahira comes there.
Ramona asks where she went without informing? Sherlyn says they knows Preeta did something wrong with her and asks what Preeta did with her? Karan angrily asks what happened and says everyone got worried for her.

Mahira says she got call from someone and that person told Karan wanted to meet her so she went to restaurant and there Preeta tried to kill her but she ran away from there. Kareena says Preeta already once tried to kill Mahira in hospital and now again and asks Krithika to bring security head.

Sherlyn praises Mahira’s idea. Kareena asks security to check every guests. She says today Preeta should not enter luthra house because she always spoiled their family functions and today this marriage will happen for sure. Sherlyn smirks hearing that.