Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story and Spoilers: Preeta is saved from Police



Episode begins with Sherlyn says she saw when Preeta stoled the necklace so necklace will be here only. Prithvi’s mother says it’s time to complete the marriage rituals. One constable comes there with necklace and gives that to Police. Sherlyn says it’s her necklace. Sammy takes the necklace with him and again hides behind the cupboard. When Rishab was talking about business, Sammy leaves from there without his knowledge.

Rishab goes to Mahesh room and says he feels so lonely and not able to handle everything alone. He asks Mahesh to come back for him saying he needs him and cries. He assures Mahesh that till Mahesh comes back he will handle everything and he won’t break down like this again. Preeta says she doesn’t know how this necklace came here and says Sherlyn only would have kept the necklace here. Sherlyn thinks she only planned everything to stop Prithvi’s marriage and ordered duplicate necklace and hide that in Preeta’s house. She smirks thinking if bride will end up in jail then how marriage will happen. Sherlyn says Police got the necklace and asks them to arrest Preeta. Karan takes Police with him outside.

Prithvi’s mother says Prithvi cares for Preeta so much and he will handle the Police and the issue too. She says she trusts Preeta so much and so happy that Prithvi marrying Preeta. Janki thinks Prithvi’s mother doesn’t know who is behind the veil that’s why she is so happy for her son’s marriage. Sammy was about to go outside, Rishab comes there and says no one is home to take care of Mahesh and takes him with him outside. Sammy before leaving puts the necklace in luthra house only.

Karan says Preeta is not a theif. Police ask Karan to remove the veil and shocks seeing Karan as a groom. Karan tells about horoscope thing. Police says he is Karan’s fan and he is so happy seeing him. He says he have proof against Preeta so have to arrest her and Sherlyn is the one who gave the complaint. Karan says Sherlyn doesn’t likes Preeta because she is middle class girl that’s why Sherlyn did everything. Police says they have to investigate, for that they have to arrest Preeta now. Karan says once marriage rituals completes then Police can arrest Preeta.

Sammy thinks nowadays Rishab too behaving like Karan always on angry mood. He calls Rakhi and tells about necklace and Sherlyn’s blame and says he came to Doctor’s house with Rishab. He says before leaving the house he put the necklace in hall. Rakhi says she will save Preeta. Police says groom’s points are right and he can understand everyone’s feelings too but still they have to arrest Preeta and orders constable to arrest Preeta.

Sarla requests Police to not arrest Preeta. Rakhi comes there and says Police can’t arrest Preeta because Preeta didn’t stoled any necklace. Sherlyn says she knows Rakhi loves Preeta that’s why she is saying like this. Rakhi asks Police to show the necklace they got. Police shows the necklace to Rakhi. Sherlyn says this necklace they got from Preeta house only. Rakhi says this necklace is duplicate and says when Sammy told everything to her she came here to tell the truth. She says when blame is wrong then how Police can arrest Preeta. Sherlyn says it’s not duplicate necklace.

Rakhi says it’s duplicate necklace because she have the original necklace and shows that to Police. Police says both necklace looks original. Rakhi says she will call their family jeweller and he will tell the truth to everyone and says Karan have jeweller number and calls him. Karan acts like he got call from someone else and moves aside to talk. Sammy says he called Karan and he is in meeting.
Sristy says she can prove which one is duplicate and drops one necklace, that necklace breaks easily and drops the another necklace but nothing happened with that necklace. Sristy thanks Ra…