Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story : Karan avoids Preeta


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Episode begins with Preeta goes to meet Akshay wearing Krithika’s dress. Krithika gets worried for Preeta and prays for her safely saying Akshay should not find out the truth otherwise she will end up in big problem. She says without facing any problem Preeta should get pictures and videos from Akshay. Karan says he will wait for Preeta ten more minutes only then he will leave the restaurant. Mahira says she will also wait for ten minutes. Akshay opens the door and asks why she covered her face.

Preeta plays the recording which says she doesn’t want anyone to know that she came to meet him. He gets convinced with her answer and says she become smart and asks her to come inside. She asks him to give the pictures and videos. He says first she has to give money then only she will get the pictures and videos. She shows the money and he tries to see her face but she didn’t let him see her face.

He takes the parcel from drawer which has the pictures and videos and says now he changed his mind and says now he want something else also with money and tries to misbehave with her. She slaps him and he falls down. She takes the parcel and tries to leave the room but he removes her duppata and shocks seeing Preeta. He says it’s also good Preeta came and pushes her on the bed. She hits his head with tray and leaves from there

Mahira thinks Preeta didn’t came and she won’t come also and smiles. She tells him to not upset with Preeta. He says he is glad that he met Mahira. Sameer calls Karan and informs him that Mahesh opened his eyes for a second. Sherlyn shocks hearing him. Mahira curses Sameer in her mind. Karan tells about Mahesh to Mahira and leaves from there. Mahira calls Sherlyn and confirms the news about Mahesh. Sherlyn says they need not to worry about him because it keep happening.

Preeta says she took laptop, pendrive everything from Akshay and gives it to Krithika. Krithika thanks her. Preeta tells her what Akshay tried to do with her and says now Krithika need not to worry about anything. Krithika destroys the pictures. Pammi sees Sherlyn and Prithvi talking to each other. Prithvi sees Krithika and thinks tonight she will come to him for help. Karan and Preeta too comes there. Doctor says seems like Mahesh going to wake up.

Everyone gets happy except Prithvi, Sherlyn and Mahira. Karan avoids Preeta. Prithvi asks Doctor that how this magic happened. Doctor says seems like injection worked in his favor. Sherlyn recalls how she injected Mahesh and thinks it’s Mahira who gave that injection to him. Sherlyn blames Mahira. Mahira and Prithvi fights with each other. Sherlyn tells them to calm down and says they should work together.

Preeta apologize to Karan and says even she was excited for their date. He says he will sleep in another room but she locks the door and plays music and dances with him. He forgives her and hugs her.

Episode ends.