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Episode begins with Karan says Preeta thinks she is intelligent but in real she is not and asks her to untie the rope properly and fastly. Preeta unties her rope successfully and tries to untie Karan too. Rishab asks Prithvi to untie him if he wants money then.

Prithvi laughs and says he doesn’t want any job under him instead he wants his full property. He shows the property papers and asks him to do the signature. Rishab says he won’t sign. Prithvi shows the picture of tied up Karan and Preeta. Rishab yells at him saying he will kill him if anything happens to Karan and agrees to give him money. Prithvi says he will kill Karan and Preeta if Rishab denied to sign on property papers.

Preeta stops untieing Karan and asks him to untie him by himself because till now he yelled at her saying how to untie so he can do that for himself too. Karan asks her to not do like this in this situation. She says he can’t blame her because today she even drived that too fastly to save Rishab. He asks when she bought car. She says she became theif to save Rishab. He says she is such a dangerous person. She says he can think whatever he wants to but she will do what she thought to and she is going to save Rishab without him. Karan says she is not going to save Rishab because the one who is behind the mask is Prithvi.

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Sristy tells Sameer that first they have to check entry register. Sameer says what if kidnapper used wrong name. She says but there is possibility of kidnapper doing mistake while booking so they have to check it. Sherlyn thinks to call Prithvi to inform about Sameer and Sristy. She gets call from Mahira and gets irritated. Mahira asks where she went without informing her. Sherlyn lies to her but Mahira gets to know that. Preeta is hurted by Karan’s words and tells him that she can’t believe it he can think like this too. Sherlyn message Prithvi about the danger

Sameer plans to flirt with Receptionist and using that chance Sristy should see the booking details. Preeta gets to know room is locked from outside and tries to go out. Karan thinks he would have helped her if she untied him then. She comes out of the room through window and thinks to go to reception but shocks seeing one person standing there beside the room she and Rishab was tied up. She thinks it could be the kidnapper.(Episode ends).

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