Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story : Mahira thinks Karan cut all ties with Preeta


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Episode begins with Sherlyn says nowadays Prithvi is ignoring her too much, he knows that she can’t leave the house still he didn’t plan anything for Valentine’s day and he is not even picking the calls. Mahira comes there and smiles at her. Sherlyn says her mood is off already and tells her to not smile like that in front of her. Mahira says she will smile definitely because she is so happy now and says Karan went to Arora house. Sherlyn asks why he went there now.

Mahira says he went there to show the real place to Preeta that’s why she is so happy now and says he was so angry while leaving the house and whatever she knows about Karan, till now huge drama would have happened in Arora house and he would have cut all ties with Preeta so it’s going to be best Valentine’s day for her. She asks why Sherlyn is not happy when she said happy news to her. Sherlyn says Mahira didn’t even asked why she is sad. Mahira says she is happy after long time and she doesn’t want to spoil her happiness so she is not interested in Sherlyn’s sad story and leaves from there.

Suresh looks at Karan and says he would not have hit him. Suresh’s wife asks autograph to him and Security guard clicks selfie with him. Sristy sends them saying there is no thief in her house. Sarla asks Preeta that what’s happening here. Preeta says Karan came here to tell her something and he entered her room through window. Karan looks at Preeta and hesitates to speak. Janki says they are husband and wife only so why they are hesitating like this. Karan says he will speak and asks what he has to say now. Sristy teasingly says it was really romantic act by Karan.

Sarla notices wound on Preeta’s hand and scolds her for her carelessness. Preeta says she felt suffocated because all the windows were locked so while opening it happened but it’s small wound only. Karan too gets worried. Sarla says she is glad that Karan came to meet Preeta because she saw smile on Preeta’s face after long time and tells him to leave the house if he met Preeta then. He says he came to take Preeta with him and says he knows that Sarla is angry on him and his family.

He says he was also angry on Preeta for leaving the house but he can understand why she took that decision and promises her that he won’t repeat the mistake again and says he really trusts Preeta. Sarla says she wanted to hear this only and says she knows that he is really good guy because she saw how he supported Sristy that day. She says trust is most important in every relationships and tells him to come back tomorrow morning to pick Preeta.

Later Karan sneaks into Preeta’s room again and puts ointment on her wound and says he is really good guy that’s why doing all this. She says she knows that he is good guy but twisted character. He asks her to tell those words for that he came here. She feels shy and hugs him and realises he has bruises and goes to kitchen to take haldi for him. Sristy tells Preeta that Karan took the first step to mend their relationship. She got to know that Karan is in their room and goes to sleep there deliberately but Preeta stops her saying today she wants to sleep alone. Preeta applies haldi on Karan’s body and they stares each other.

Episode ends.