Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story : Preeta decides to attend Karan’s marriage


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Episode begins with Kareena says Karan gave chance to Preeta to create problem in his marriage by inviting her. Ramona says Karan did wrong by inviting Preeta even after knowing his marriage happened with her once. She says he knows that Preeta won’t let his marriage happen with Mahira and he put Mahira’s life is in danger. Karan asks did Mahira have any problem with his decision. Before Mahira says anything, Karan says even if she has any problem he can’t do anything with it.

Karan says he can’t able to forget her because he hates her that much, he can never forget how much problems she created for luthra family. He says he invited her so Preeta can witness his marriage with Mahira. Kareena says it’s so childish. Karan says she wants to show Preeta that for him his family is important that’s why he invited her and he won’t forgive the one who hurts his family. He says if Preeta thinks in Karan’s life there is only one girl that is Preeta then it’s her misunderstanding.

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Dadi says what Preeta does, what Preeta thinks these all matters for Karan more than what he thinks. She says he may say he hates her but he just keep thinking and talking about her because she matters for him. Karan says she is wrong. Dadi says now Karan will say he invited Preeta in anger but it shows his love too. She says he invited her without their permission, he didn’t even asked them are they comfortable around her. He says Dadi only used to say one should keep their enemy with them that’s why he invited her and his decision is final. Rishab leaves from there without saying anything. Karan says luthra’s faced lot of issues because of Preeta and by attending his marriage Preeta will face insults for sure.

Preeta says she should be happy thinking that after marriage she can get rid of Karan. Sristy thinks Preeta won’t agree if she asks directly and comes up with a plan. She says it’s good Karan marrying Mahira. She says Preeta used to help luthra’s thinking she is daughter in law of that house but once Karan’s marriage happens with Mahira everything finished and luthra’s too deserves daughter in law like Sherlyn and Mahira only. She says they tried to kill Mahesh but why would they care about him, he can stay in coma. She says Rakhi never took stand for her but she always claims she loves Preeta. Preeta asks Sristy to not say anything about Rakhi.

Sristy says Rishab too never talks in favor of Preeta in front of luthra’s because he is afraid of Sherlyn. Preeta says how can Sristy think about Rishab like this. Sristy asks why Preeta feels bad for luthra’s. She says Preeta is just angry on them but she still cares for them. She asks Preeta to fight against Sherlyn and Mahira for luthra’s. Preeta says she is not going to do anything like that. She says she wants to show Karan that if she doesn’t matters for him then he is also not matters for her.  She says she wants to attend his marriage and leaves from there. Sristy gets relived and thanks God. She says she convinced Preeta but what if anything bad happens again.

Sristy calls Sameer and asks him to tell Karan that Preeta attending his marriage. Sameer recalls how Karan planned to insult Preeta in his marriage and asks Sristy to stop Preeta from attending Karan’s marriage. He says Karan marrying Mahira to take revenge from Preeta and he always makes wrong decision in anger. Sristy says Preeta wants to show Karan doesn’t matters for her. He asks her to understand the issue. Sristy says there is a possibility that during the marriage rituals Karan and Preeta may realize each other’s importance in their life. She asks him to help her to stop the wedding. He agrees to help her. (Episode ends).