Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story : Preeta stops Prithvi and Krithika’s engagement


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Episode begins with Prithvi says now everyone may think why this picture is burned one because his friend send it like this so no one get to know that what happened that day. Sristy says if bride was wearing veil then why his friend burnt the picture. Prithvi tells Krithika that he told the truth of the picture now what else he can prove. Dadi says she believes Prithvi but why he kept this picture with him till now and who brought this picture from his house.

He thanks her for believing him and says he knows who would have stole this picture from his house and says he never thought he has to justify himself like this and says he wanted to tell about it to Krithika but he never got chance to tell her. He says if she want to postpone the marriage then he has no problem with it. She says she believes him and says their marriage happened suddenly so she didn’t got chance to know him and it’s her mistake that she let them drag the issue so much and says let’s do the engagement.

Preeta says they show the proof so Prithvi also has to give proof and they can’t believe his story just because he is saying. Prithvi asks what is she saying. Preeta asks him to prove his point. Prithvi’s mother says Preeta can’t accuse her son like this. Sarla says it’s about Krithika’s life so if Prithvi telling the truth then he has to prove that and asks why she is getting angry unnecessarily. Rishab says if Krithika wants proof then Prithvi has to prove. Krithika nods at him.

Sristy says now Krithika also want to know and asks Prithvi to tell his friend’s name. Preeta asks him give his friend’s number too saying they has to talk to him now. Prithvi says his friend must be in flight now. Rakhi asks him to call his friend. Sristy asks him to put the mobile on speaker. Prithvi says he is doing this for Krithika only and thinks he told the fake story but now how he is going to prove that. He remembers his classmate Shubham who came to his engagement and calls him thinking he must be in flight but Shubham picks the call and asks why he called him. Prithvi shocks hearing him. Shubham says because of Prithvi he missed his flight and disconnects the call saying he is going to rest and not disturb him.

Prithvi says now it proved that he was telling the truth. Preeta says he become mad or what and says they are asking him to prove that he took his friend’s place on his marriage. Prithvi says he can’t disturb his friend. Sristy says they will go to him and gets Shubham’s address and gives Prithvi’s mobile to Sameer. Preeta asks everyone to give their mobiles to Sameer. Karan, Preeta and Sristy leaves for Shubham’s house. Preeta wonders who must be Prithvi’s wife. Sristy thinks she locked Mahira in the cupboard so she can’t help Sherlyn.

Prithvi’s mother says Kareena will regret for suspecting Prithvi. Ramona comes there and says if Prithvi was deceiving them till now then he will end up in jail. Prithvi curses her in mind. Sameer shocks seeing Mahira in the cupboard and locks it again thinking Sristy must be responsible for this. Kareena says if Shubham comes and tells the truth then only they will believe Prithvi.

Episode ends.