Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story : Rishab asks Karan to back off from the wedding


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Episode begins with Sherlyn tells Sristy that she need not to worry about Preeta because Karan will treat her the way she deserves. She mockingly asks what Sristy thought that Karan invited Preeta just as a guest so she can come and enjoy the wedding. Sristy says how shamelessly Sherlyn keep lying when she already knows that everything done by her and Mahira and Preeta is innocent. She says she is going to tell everyone that how Sherlyn and Mahira pushed Mahesh and how Mahira confessed her crimes.

Karan asks Preeta that what she meant by don’t do. He asks did she asking to stop the wedding with Mahira. Preeta says she meant stop the drama. He says he won’t listen her because he knows about her intentions very well. He says he is so happy that he is marrying Mahira and he wants to share his happiness with her so she should not leave in between the wedding making any excuses.

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Sherlyn challenges Sristy to stop the wedding. She asks if Sristy tells the truth to everyone what they will do, will they believe her. She says she will say Preeta wanted to stop Karan and Mahira’s wedding and now Sristy lying about Mahira to help her sister. She says luthra’s will trust her only it’s so obvious.

Sristy says Sherlyn doesn’t deserve to use trust word. Sherlyn says proof needs to prove the truth and mocks her saying they can’t able to stop her wedding with Rishab and same will happen now too. Sameer tells Sristy that Preeta in Mahesh room only and Karan is not with her so she need not to worry about her. Sherlyn thinks now no one going to tell Karan to stop the wedding.

Karan cries recalling his moments with Preeta. Rishab says he won’t ask why he is crying because he understands him. He says he noticed that how Karan was looking at Preeta. He says he knows how Karan pretend to be happy just to show it to Preeta. He asks him to stop his pretence and also the wedding. Karan says even if he is marrying Mahira just to show it to Preeta then also he is not doing anything wrong. Kareena comes there and takes Karan with her. Sristy and Sameer overhears their conversation.

Preeta talks to Mahesh who is in coma. She says he knows that she is innocent and cries saying she won’t come back to this house again. Sherlyn overhears her and taunts her. Sristy says Karan marrying Mahira just to hurt Preeta and she has to inform that to Preeta. Sameer says nothing will change because of this and Karan will blame Preeta again.

Sristy says if Preeta doesn’t want to stop the wedding then she would have reason for that. She says one thing is clear that is Karan doesn’t love Mahira instead he still loves Preeta. She says both Karan and Preeta wants to remove Mahira from their life but they wants to see who will do that first. She says they won’t be able to remove Mahira from their life and keeps thinking what to do, suddenly she gets an idea.