Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story: Sherlyn hides from Preeta

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The episode begins with Mahira asks Ramona that how can they ask her father’s help. Ramona says only he can save Rishab and Karan. Mahira asks her to not tell anything to him about her and Karan’s marriage. Ramona says now they even know the location so it will be easy to track them and suggests her to everything to her father and asks her to come back.

Mahira says she will come to Luthra house with Karan only and asks her to not let go of the Pandit. Sameer, Sristy and Preeta reaches the wrong room and later realizes they made a mistake. Prithvi asks Sherlyn that why she came back. Sherlyn says Mahira coming here to meet her and asks him to leave the hotel with Rishab. Prithvi asks why Mahira coming here.

Sherlyn says Mahira knows that she has a connection with Kidnapper. She says Mahira is not trustworthy so she should not know about them and she will handle her alone. He agrees with her and comes outside with the unconscious Rishab. He calls Rana and says he is shifting Rishab to somewhere else and asks him to shift Karan and Preeta to another location.

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Sherlyn hides in the washroom when Preeta, Sristy and Sameer arrive to her room. Not finding Rishab there, Preeta says Kidnapper would have changed the location knowing they are here to rescue Rishab. Sristy asks how many people kidnapped them. Preeta says two people kidnapped them and recalls how Karan suspected Prithvi. She asks Sristy how she gets to know that this room could be booked by the Kidnapper. Sristy sees the glass which have lipstick mark and shows that to Preeta and says definitely one more girl exists in kidnapper gang. Preeta and Sameer agrees with Sristy. Sherlyn shocks hearing that. Preeta thinks what if Karan is right about Prithvi.

Prithvi bumps into Mahira and shocks seeing her. He blames her for bumping into him before she starts to accuse him. She apologize to him. Sristy asks Preeta what is she thinking now. Preeta says Karan thinks Kidnapper is Prithvi. Sristy says if Karan says so then that will be right. Sameer too agrees with her. Kareena and Rakhi arrive at the hotel. Rakhi requests the Receptionist to check about Karan. Receptionist searches the booking register book.

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Rakhi and Kareena goes upstairs to search Karan. Mahira reaches the wrong room. Sristy asks what Receptionist doing here. The receptionist says she knows that Sristy and Sameer only would have stoled the register book. Sameer says she lost the register book and now blaming them to save her job. When he acts like calling the Manager, Receptionist leaves from there. Sristy says Karan would be right about Prithvi behind the kidnapping.

Episode ends.

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