Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story : Shocking Twist in Karan’s Marriage


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Episode begins with Kareena taunts Preeta saying how shameless she is. Preeta says she already knows how Kareena will react seeing her in luthra house so she is not surprised and it doesn’t even matter for her that what she thinks about her. Kareena asks if she already knows then why she came. Preeta says she is not here as a uninvited guest instead she got invitation from groom personally. Kareena says Preeta came deliberately to spoil Karan and Mahira’s special day. Preeta asks her to not misunderstand and says she is here just as a guest and asks her to treat and respect her like she does with other guests.

Kareena says she would love to treat her as guest but Preeta never behaves as guest that’s the problem here. She says Preeta always interferes in luthra family matters. Preeta asks why Kareena didn’t stopped Karan from inviting her instead of scolding her now. She says once marriage happens she will leave from luthra house and won’t come back.

Kareena says Preeta used to blame Sherlyn but what happened now Sherlyn is luthra’s daughter in law and living happily with Rishab because she is good girl. She says Preeta also could have lead a happy life if she had married Prithvi but because of Preeta’s stubbornness it never happened. She says she doesn’t want to argue with her and asks her to leave from there. Ramona and Kareena says Mahira looking so beautiful in bridal look. Krithika hesitatingly says Priest asked to bring the bride. Mahira says nothing is there to hesitate, she is ready so they can leave and leaves from there with Ramona. Krithika says she wants to ask something to Rakhi.

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Rakhi asks what happened. Krithika asks is Rakhi really happy with this marriage. Rakhi says she likes Preeta so much and Preeta is such good girl, she can never do anything bad with anyone but Karan already took decision and Mahira is also good girl, she is her childhood friend’s daughter. She says Karan and Mahira choosed each other for them then how can she interfere. She says Karan married Preeta and she tried lot to convince him to accept Preeta and the marriage but she failed miserably. She says being Karan’s mother his happiness is her happiness.

Mahira comes and sits beside Karan. Karan gets nervous and thinks where this Preeta went. He apologize to her for inviting Preeta. She says she really wants to perform all marriage rituals in front of Preeta and she doesn’t feel bad at all. Priest says let’s start the marriage rituals. Karan Preeta is missing and asks Krithika to bring Preeta. Sherlyn says Kareena took Preeta with her. Preeta tells Kareena that she will leave from there after witnessing Karan and Mahira’s marriage only. Krithika comes there and says Karan asked her to bring Preeta.

Preeta says it’s complicated like she said and sighs. Karan starts the marriage rituals seeing Preeta and thinks now she will get to know how happy he is and she will get hurt seeing everything and that’s what he wants. Sristy thinks she can understand Preeta’s pain and gets sad. Rishab thinks Karan doing everything just to hurt Preeta and wonders why he is making things more difficult. Sherlyn thanks god for making Rishab helpless in this situation. She tells Rishab that now he should stop thinking about Preeta. He says Preeta is his best friend so it’s obvious he will support her. Mahira puts garland on Karan. Preeta recalls how she put garland on him. Karan keeps staring Preeta.