Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist 14th July 2020


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Episode begins with Kareena asks Sherlyn to join in rehearsal. Sherlyn says she have work will join them later. Rakhi asks Sherlyn about Rishab. Sherlyn says Rishab’s car punctured so he will come back soon. She thinks she have to do something otherwise Prithvi land up in problem in this Rishab matter. Sameer searches Karan in room. Mahira fights with him unnecessarily and says she will complain to Karan about him. Sameer says he is in washroom. Mahira leaves from there after taunting him. Sameer thinks Karan would have went to meet Preeta without informing anyone in house that’s why he would have went outside through window. Karan thinks who would have kidnapped Rishab and scolds Preeta for not informing him saying he would have saved Rishab till now if she told him about his kidnap.

Rishab gets conscious and shocks seeing Rana tieing Preeta with chair. He asks Rana to leave Preeta. Rana asks him to stay silent and says his boss will take care of them and will decide what to do with them. Sristy calls Sameer and asks why he didn’t attend her call. Sameer tells her about Karan. Sristy tells him about Rishab’s kidnap. Sameer shocks hearing that. Sristy says Karan went to save Rishab and Preeta. Sherlyn hears that and thinks what will happen if Karan saw Prithvi there. She says she have to save Prithvi somehow otherwise he will be caught and she can’t afford that and she tries to call him.

Prithvi says he can easily get signature from Rishab in property papers. He says by changing his voice and hiding his face with mask he will go in front of him. He praises his plan. He gets call from Sherlyn and scolds her for disturbing him. She asks him about Rishab. He says Rishab will be in luthra house only. She says she already know Rishab’s life is in danger and it’s his work only. He confesses that he only kidnapped Rishab. She says today it’s Mahira and Karan’s marriage and asks why he is trying to stop the marriage by doing this today. He shouts at her saying he knows what to do and cuts the call. She thinks she didn’t even able to inform him about Karan and again calls him but he doesn’t pick her call.

Preeta gets conscious and sees Rishab. Rana says this room is sound proof so how much they wants they can shout but no one can hear their shouts. Rishab asks Preeta that why she put herself in danger to save him. Preeta says he is her very good friend and how can she leave him in danger. Sameer talks to himself saying who would have kidnapped Rishab and how Karan going to save him. Rakhi hears him. Prithvi sees Karan near hotel and hides from him. Mahira asks Sherlyn why she didn’t come to terrace when she asked her to come there. Rakhi tells everyone that someone kidnapped Rishab and Karan went to save him. She faints in shock.

Prithvi hits Karan wearing mask. Karan fights with him. Later Prithvi throws bomb on Karan and Karan faints. Prithvi checks Karan is alive or not. Mahira tells Sherlyn that Preeta is behind Rishab’s kidnap to stop her marriage. Sarla comes to luthra house and asks Sherlyn about Preeta. Sherlyn thinks she can’t tell the truth to her and tells her that she doesn’t know. Sarla leaves from there. Prithvi drags Karan with him and scolds Rana for not removing helmet. He helps him to remove the helmet. He asks about Preeta and tells him to put Karan in that room. Rana drags Karan to Preeta’s room and ties him with another chair. Prithvi goes to Rishab’s room.

Janki asks Sarla about Preeta. Sarla says Preeta is not in luthra house so she is not worried much now. She opens Sristy’s room and asks her to eat. Sristy says she is going to take rest. Sameer opens Sristy’s window from outside to help her so he and and she can go to save Rishab and Preeta. Preeta gets conscious and shocks seeing Karan beside her. She wakes him and asks why he is here. He says he came to save her(Tere Sajdaa plays in background) Prithvi puts knife on Rishab’s neck. Rishab says they can talk. Prithvi goes outside because he didn’t prepared to change his voice. Karan asks Preeta about Rishab. Preeta says Kidnapper tied Rishab in another room. They argues with each other saying who did mistake in this whole issue. She asks why he didn’t picked her call. He says he was busy with his haldi ceremony. They recalls their moments and gets emotional.

Rana tells Prithvi that Preeta came to conscious state. Prithvi comes to Preeta’s room. Preeta and Karan fights with each other in front of Prithvi. Prithvi praises Preeta and scolds Karan. Preeta tries to take the knife from Prithvi and asks him to come near her. Karan asks Prithvi to stay away from her. Prithvi gets to know about her plan and leaves from the room. Sherlyn meets Prithvi and warns him. Rishab advices Prithvi to earn money by working instead of doing kidnap and asks him to remove his rope. Mahira calls Sherlyn and says Rishab never wanted her marriage to happen with Karan and finally he stopped the marriage too. Sristy and Sameer arrives there to save Rishab and Preeta. Sherlyn sees them and thinks now she have to help Prithvi.