Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Jugni defends Kabir

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 2nd December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kesar realising she made a really big mistake by doubting Suraj. It is shown Suraj gives money to Lokesh and convinces Lokesh to lie according to his instructions. Lokesh agrees.

Suraj looks at today’s newspaper. Suraj asks Kesar what is she doing here. Kesar makes up a reason for it. Suraj thinks Kesar is a really bad liar. Suraj shows the newspaper to Kesar and says to Kesar that he published news about her in Gujarati news paper about how she overcame the hurdles and succeeded in her business. Kesar thanks Suraj. Ambica sees Kesar and Suraj together and thinks she is worrying too much.

Leela asks Ambica where did she go. Ambica says to Leela how she followed Kesar as she was worried about Kesar as Kesar was loooking troubled these days. Ambica says she saw how Suraj and Kesar are together and thinks she worried too much.

Kabir recalls what happened. Kabir feels restless and thinks he couldn’t stay infront of Kesar and face her hate. Suraj comes to his room. Kabir pleads Suraj saying he can’t work in Rajgaur Niwas anymore and says he will work in the factory. Suraj mocks Kabir asking him if he can’t face Kesar. Suraj comments on Kabir and asks Kabir to follow his orders.

Kesar sits in the cafe. Jugni comes and meet Kesar in the cafe. Kesar asks Jugni if he came here to speak for Kabir. Jugni says to Kesar that Kabir doesn’t know that she is here. Jugni asks Kesar why couldn’t she understand that Kabir might be forced by circumstances to kidnap her. Jugni says to Kesar that he is bound by the same circumstances hence he couldn’t tell the whole truth to Kesar. Jugni asks Kesar to ask herself is her friendship with Kabir is that worthless.

Kesar recalls about Jugni’s words. Ambica asks Kesar what she is thinking about. Kesar asks Ambica how can they understand if a person is a good person or a bad person if he does something bad. Ambica says to Kesar that she needs to understand that person’s circumstances to get a clear picture if he is good person or a bad person. Kesar after hearing Ambica’s advise decides to find out what are forced circumstances of Kabir.

Jayati and Hetal talk with Jinal about Ansh and asks Jinal what kind of daughter in law would she like. Jinal says the qualities of her wannabe daughter in law and they are all the qualities exactly oppposite to Aarthi.

Kesar comes to Suraj’s room. Kabir says to Kesar that Suraj isn’t here. Kesar says she knows. Kabir gets a call. Kabir takes it. The other person over the phone asks Kabir to do a kidnapping for him and he offers rs 75 lakhs for it. Kabir asks the other person not to call him agin and scolds him. It is shown Kesar is the one who hired the other person over the phone to test Kabir. Kesar thinks Kabir rejected rs 75 lakhs then why did he kidnap her.

Episode ends.

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