Lag Ja Gale 1st March 2023 Written Update: Puja prays for Ishani


Lag Ja Gale 1st March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Sumit meets with an accident and stops the car. He communicates with Bhupen about the situation. Bhupen gets shocked after knowing that Shiv is after Sumit. He asks Sumit to not get caught by Shiv at any cost. Sumit informs Bhupen that Ishani is lying in the car after getting intoxicated. Bhupen praises him. Shiv fails to find the wanted car. Suraj wishes to go to Police station and file missing complaint. Neeti hears it and asks what Ishani has done this time. Suraj somehow manages to divert her attention by changing the topic. He takes Neeti away and asks Puja to talk to police till then.

Sumit sees that Ishani’s foot is bleeding. He wishes to see how Shiv will rescue Ishani. He feels now Bhupen can’t stop appreciating him. He takes Ishani out of the car and plans to hide her in a empty isolated house. Bhupen learns that Randeep is planning to delay the snacks time. He asks him to not do so as Shiv won’t like it and it can spoil the reputation of the hotel. Puja calls Randeep and gets angry with him as he is not doing anything to rescue Ishani and only talking. Randeep asks her to concentrate on delivering the order. Randeep sticks to his plan ignoring Bhupen’s words.

Kiran asks Randeep what’s the matter, why he mentioned about police on phone call. Randeep remains silent. Sumit says that he likes to see Ishani talking non stop but he can’t help it. Sumit hides unconscious Ishani inside the house. Shiv spots Sumit’s car on the way. He then spots the house. Shiv recalls his childhood memories seeing the house. He gets emotional. He goes inside the house. Kiran learns that Shiv has gone to rescue Ishani alone. She questions Randeep for not telling her the truth earlier. She reminds Randeep and Bhupen how Shiv reacts in situations like this.

Bhupen says that he would never allow Shiv to go alone in order to rescue Ishani. Randeep says that first and foremost they should contact police and take their help. Kiran asks him to act fast. Bhupen stops Randeep and says this move can make Ishani land in more trouble. Kiran becomes thoughtful. Sumit hides Ishani inside a cupboard. He says that now none will be able to find Ishani’s body for few days and he and Bhupen will succeed in their mission. Puja worries for Ishani.

She establishes Ganesh ji in their stall till Ishani does come back. She prays for Ishani’s safety and well-being. Shiv comes face to face with Sumit. They start fighting with each other. Shiv beats Sumit mercilessly. Sumit attacks him back. Shiv almost defeats Sumit and questions him for this deed. Sumit manages to get a clay pot and hits Sumit’s head. Shiv feels dizzy. He manages to see Sumit’s face somehow. Sumit escapes from there. Shiv tries to search for Ishani. The episode ends.

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