Lag Ja Gale 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Ishani gets hurt while saving Shiv


Lag Ja Gale 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Ishani shouts for help. Shiv hears her voice. Shiv helps Ishani to come out of the cupboard. He tries to wake her up. An intoxicated Ishani calls Shiv cutie and handsome. She pulls him closer and says I love you. Shiv gets confused. Ishani mentions Varun Dhawan. She then comes back to her senses and pushes him. She recalls whatever happened with her. She asks Shiv how he got to know about her kidnapping. Shiv says that’s not important. She looks at the watch and gets restless. She requests Shiv to help her so that she can deliver the order in time.

Shiv sees Ishani’s bleeding foot and ties handkerchief on it. They have an argument about Varun Dhawan. Ishani warns Shiv to not say anything bad about Varun Dhawan. Shiv calls Randeep. Kiran asks him if he is fine. Shiv asks her what she is doing at the office. Kiran says she is worried and asks Shiv to come home soon. Shiv asks her to calm down and informs about Ishani’s safe being. Shiv asks Randeep to contact Police regarding the kidnapping. Ishani asks him to tell Randeep to contact with Puja and give her news to her. She also asks to inform Puja that she will be reaching the stall with all the ingredients.

Randeep says all plans are set and food will be served by 9. Shiv asks him to prepare an alternate plan. Ishani says no need. Ishani promises to deliver the order by 9. Ishani says that Sumit the officer come kidnapper will be in the factory along with her ingredients. Shiv calls Ishani smart. Randeep informs Puja about Ishani. Puja gets relieved and thanks him. Randeep asks her to thank Shiv. He reminds her about the order. Puja removes the Ganesh idol and thanks him. She shares the good news with Suraj. She asks Suraj, Neeti to start working. Rachna is also sent there by Jagdish.

Sulochana criticizes Ishani for making her daughters work at the stall. Shiv reaches the factory with Ishani. Sumit tries to escape but Shiv catches him. Shiv goes to beat Sumit. Sumit says that he did everything for Ishani. He calls Ishani his girlfriend and asks Ishani to confess the truth in order to save him from Shiv’s warth. Ishani says that she doesn’t even know Sumit well. Sumit says that Ishani is lying only. He warns Shiv to stay away from Ishani. He makes many false accusations against Ishani. Shiv says that he doesn’t want to know about anything but questions him for forcing Ishani and kidnapping her.

Neeti cuts her finger while chopping vegetables. Rachna gets restless. Puja asks them to resume working. Suraj applies haldi on Neeti’s wound. Shiv recalls Sumit’s words. Police comes and arrests Sumit. Ishani requests Shiv to drop her with the ingredients. Ishani saves Shiv from getting an wound. She herself gets wound in the process. She hides her pain from Shiv. Ishani comes to the stall. Puja hugs her. Neeti, Rachna who are unaware of everything gossip about Ishani and Puja. Ishani and Puja start working. Ishani feel pain while picking up a heavy sack. Puja questions her. The episode ends.

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